Should I program my own marketplace profit margin item finder?

I’ve been trying to use adam4eve to find profitable items to station trade in but the data is largely inaccurate hence not as useful. I’m wondering if this is because these websites get a lot of traffic (not that much though since I checked web traffic data online) and hence the data refresh rate is delayed by a day or something. If I get my own dev API portal and program a item profit margin finder for personal use, would the data be more accurate since I’m the only one who’d be using it?

I want to create software like this guy created for himself - Station Trading lessons

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Go for it. Then distribute it. You may make yourself a bit of money in the process of helping yourself o7

Any advantage that it might give you vanishes when you do so …
… so think carefully about distributing it.


Soltice is right. On second thought don’t distribute it.

As per Oz_EVE discord: Orderbooks on A4E are a few hours old at max ( Your issue was that in the margin finder you use the “Jita 4-4” default and expected to get Perimeter TTT buy orders. But Jita 4-4 is only Jita 4-4. Thus as Oz_EVE advised you, you need to select The Forge region if you want to include Perimeter.

Creating your own tool however will give you a lot more flexibility and you may also learn from it. Thus always a win.
If you make it public, it would also be a win for the community. :+1:

On the other hand, existing tool developers would appreciate if bugs/improvements are reported to them. :kissing_heart: Its the best way that these tools will improve. Just saying… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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