Should Triglavian invasion also attack planetary customs offices?

With all these invasions (if you call them that), why don’t planetary customs offices come under attack like player structures do?
Isn’t it content if those corporations have to defend their cash register, if other players lose access to those resources then have to change where they have their operations at, they would have to decommission their current one’s if those corporations don’t defend their structures or help to defend it, or do planetary launches to get their stuff slowly thus choking the markets, all content no?


Just concern trolling like this and saying “isn’t it content ?” is not a compelling reason for any change. Everything can be “content” if you define it broadly enough.

And that’s also not the point of the invasion.

The point of the invasion is to alter the structure of empire space by changing the security levels of certain systems (and potentially shutting off gates entire, as teased by the Invasion final chapter trailer).

The actual point of the invasion is to encourage group play, the system security level changing is just a by-product of that which is dependent on the actions of players.

As for the OP, he raises a good point, especially since Customs Offices are owned by players, not by NPC’s.

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I doubt CCP was trying to protect peoples incomes from trig interference. They probably just forgot PI existed.


I wouldn’t mind the Trigs determing that some of the mobile depot spam has gotten out of hand and interfered with their flow, resulting in the removal of some really annoying server burden.

I think what’s afoot here is that a lot of players pull stuff and then snark about it being “content”. If CCP allows one form of content for one playstyle, then they owe it to other players to afford content as well.
In this context, if it’s said that player stations getting attacked is content, then players who have customs offices should also be subject to the same content. Fair is fair. Or something like that.

Whether it’s possible or not, or desirable, is another matter. The trigs seem sophisticated enough to want a piece of the action rather than just destroy.

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Where is it written that CCP owes it to other play styles?

I’m not even going to bother reading the rest of your garbage if you’re gonna start your comment THIS wrong.

Are you trying to get alien invaders to do what you can’t take through wardec?

It’s not.
But players expect it. More of a cultural thing. This is why I have stated that CCP should define a vision and stick to it and not listen to what the players say.
That culture, BTW, is the “Everybody gets a trophy” culture. Though in this context not so much a trophy as it is an entitlement to everybody getting treated the same regardless of outcome. I have never been for this cultural cancer and I’m just pointing it out.
Other factors simply don’t help. The PLEX system and ISK=Money - albeit indirectly - means that content denying ISK or net value to one player but not another is viewed as a sort of robbery or perhaps unfair taxation. There will always be complaining about that. Given that ISK is also power to wage war or survive in the game, and control of the content being centralized via game mechanics, it ultimately construes as “CCP is picking the winners”. And there is way too much of that going on in the real world so naturally people who come to a game to get away from it are going to be perturbed. Also given to this, CCP has had a history of picking winners.

So there you have it. I would prefer that CCP did whatever they wanted and not care what anybody said, and give the “everybody gets a trophy” generation a waypoint to the exit. But that’s not how the meta game is being played and that’s now how things are being done. So yeah, there’s going to be complaints and senses of entitlement. I don’t like it either.


This flies in the face of the post but I couldn’t agree more, one thing that is a constant in this game is this, everyone wants something nerfed, taken out, or buffed, nothing special.

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