Should you start playing EVE?

Depends, do you want to play against this?

(I have reviewed the rules and there is no violation)

If he can control that many accounts without using third party input software, then more power to him. I have a hard enough time running 3 at once…


Is there a new player question here or is this just a disguised rant thread?



Most EvE players are not going to be up against someone who has figured out and is into doing that. For a lot of the game, that is an outlier situation. Mostly Freighters and sometimes other haulers…in hisec…on the main, known, heavily traffiked trade routes…unescorted…not even in a convoy…and even then it’s not like every one of them gets popped.

In combat play players trying to manage even half that number of accounts are not going to be up against anyone very long before they get all thier ships made into red glowing dust™.

So what did you lose to the Kusion Special Team, OP?

Nothing, ever.

I’m still confused.

Where are these new players starting EVE getting Bowheads with expensive cargo?


It’s literally the first thing they teach you in this game, how to be an f1 monkey.

Nothing “special” here.

Your SICO member

At least act you care or that you understand the game to help people grow. Posting that in newbie section serves no purpose other than to continue your anti combat shyte posting spree on the forums.

You are not helping.

According to your post, the first thing a newbie gets into is a freighter right? Carrying billions in cargo making them a tasty target. Your making yourself a tasty target posting this crap.

It’s the actual name of his group. Relax.

Do you want to “play against” a titan? The typical EVE answer: Depends…
Honestly, there’s ways to win even this fight. Not alone in a rookie ship, of course. But I did some roams even in rookie velators killing some cruisers - a 150dps velator can be fun.

And don’t consider all players to be your enemy. Be careful, but not too wary - your killer can be your corpmate next week.

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