Why does the Caldari Shuttle state that it is capable of “transporting a massive quantity of goods” under its traits?

It can only transport 10m3 as far as I can tell.

The Caldari are cutthroat biz people. That blurb was probably from their marketing dept. I mean, you can’s sell one over the Minmatar or Amarr on looks, can you.

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I had to look where it said this and nearly didn’t find it…

But yeah, ‘show info’ → ‘traits’ on a shuttle has two ‘ship characteristics’ which are ‘small’ and ‘hauling’, and the ‘hauling’ attribute indeed says “massive quantity of goods”.

So you need to take this in context… these ship characteristics are labels assigned to ships to tell new players how ships are typically used… these labels are supplied with some fluff text. But the fluff for a hauling ship may not apply just as well to every hauling ship…

Shuttles are used to haul pods. They are warp bubble immune and very fast, so if you need to move your pod from A to B quickly you use a shuttle. They can also be used to haul single (expensive) small modules (anything under 10m3) which can be useful if you live in null sec and are fitting a ship, only to find you’re just short that one 500mil worth X-type module for your bad-ass ratting gila. (if you do so, please tell me so I can put a smartbomb BS on a gate on your route!)

So yes, they are hauling ships. But not massive m3 hauling ships.

That said… the description doesn’t even mention volume, just amount. There is one commodity in which shuttles excel at hauling, if I needed to move 1000 blueprints, I might use a shuttle.


EvE has been around since 2003, and what you see today if often very different than what was around back then.

I have no proof, and very bad memory of it, but I seem to recall shuttles having smaller cargoholds. The size differed by race (racial traits were much more important back then).

I swear I can remember Caldari (largest) being 5m^3 and Minmatar (smallest) being 2m^3, and at some point they were all made large enough to haul a single module of 10m^3.

Of course, it was so long ago that I could be remembering it wrong, or fooling myself to believe the above is true.

You can surely transport a massive quantity of these:


Use a Sunesis - EVE University Wiki

My guess is that it’s to give you an idea of the scale of the ships. Every now and again you find trade commodities in blown up structures and cans. They are only fluff and you could probably fit a lot of it in a shuttle.

Then you start getting into the industrial ships and they sound impressive by comparison.

In reality most don’t notice the fluff. They skip all the stuff about ship lore and go straight to the attributes and fitting pages.

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