[SICH] Humanitarian initiative for regions affected by the invasions

As the invasions carry on with full effectiveness, SICH is launching a humanitarian initiative for relieving the affected regions, today and onward as long as the invasions continue. Throughout our history as an entity, humanitarianism has remained at the core of what we do. From helping war refugees coming from the null-security territories to combating illicit slavery, this instance would be no different.

Specific details can be found here.


This is a good initiative to get behind.

I see your list, and will look into setting up regular supplies routes to shuttle the items you need. If you need Security work or otherwise, please let me know. I will be happy to assist.



Good initiative, SICH. Nobody thought it before this.

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Mr. Sepphiros, don’t you think the best humanitarian help to the affected regions would be physical elimination of the said invasions?

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Commander Kim, despite the participation of certain of our divisions in the defense of New Eden, SICH always tries to help baseline communities recover from sustained hardships.


The UNF will be making donations to this effort as we are able, I trust they will be put to good use.


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