There is growing chatter in the more outré corners of the galactic hypernet about a new virtuality circulating among connoisseurs of full immersion entertainment. Not distributed or authored by any of the major studios, it is attributed to a single relatively unknown Amarr capsuleer, one Zahra Sarain. There is no fee for access nor any attempt at advertising, and what exactly the intent of the work might be is not clear to many, though its release on Foundation Day is unlikely to be a coincidence.

Opinions already vary widely about the experience. No few irate capsuleers stridently critique the bleakness of the virtuality and the distressing nature of the subject matter. Others cite the perplexingly variable quality of the work, discriminating purveyors of virtual experiences faulting an intrusive personality casing that casts the events in a particular perspective and restricts the agency of the viewer.

Still, it continues to quietly spread.

The setting of the virtuality itself is an odd choice, a simulation anchored during one of the darkest hours of recent Imperial history - the devastation of Kor-Azor Prime during the Elder War of YC110. More specifically, it places the user in the guise of a Paladin aboard a relatively insignificant station orbiting the first moon of Kor-Azor’s second planet. Station 2-1-1, or “Significance” to its occupants, is a minor transport hub primarily routing agricultural goods to the population centers of the regional capital of Eclipticum. It is one of many that came under assault as the Elder fleet overran the system.

The episode is not particularly well-known, both due to the relatively few fragmented public records that survived the brutal conflict, as well as a general reluctance for Imperial historians to dwell on a tactical defeat that might undermine faith in the new Empress, Jamyl Sarum. And yet, the general impression of the work is not one of criticism or heresy, but rather an unflinching embrace of the lost and fallen…

(( OoC Explanation ))

Significance is structured like a “choose your own adventure” story, where the reader (as a capsuleer of New Eden) enters a virtual simulation (or virtuality) that places them in the role of a Paladin aboard the eponymous station during the Elder War. You then make your own choices as you move through a branching narrative of modest size.

This project is meant to be experienced in-game, in the hope that this will moderately improve immersion, as well as give roleplayers the opportunity to play through it in groups and enrich the scripted narrative with their own personalities and dialogue. You can, however, read through it entirely in solitary silence if you so choose.

To journey through Significance yourself, all you need to do is join the “(✵) Significance” channel in-game. Note that the eight pointed star character there is not an asterisk, so you should copy/paste the channel name from this post rather than trying to type it manually.

A “Message of the Day” will provide exposition for each chapter, and you take the time for reflection or roleplay, you will proceed forward by choosing from the new channels listed at the bottom of each passage, selecting whatever feels most appropriate.

If, however, you are unable to get in-game, or the channel links break somehow, or Iceland is destroyed by a volcano, I am also providing a link to a google document which will work similarly. If you use this format, DO NOT READ PAGES SEQUENTIALLY or you will get very confused very quickly. Only proceed between pages by clicking the blue links.

Content Warning

This story is set within a particularly ugly chapter of an already brutal conflict, and does not shy away from what that means. It is bleak, and violent, and those who are uncomfortable with looking too closely at death might wish to find other entertainment. If you are looking for a laugh to unwind after a long day’s work, you definitely have much better options. But if you want to be existentially challenged by a perspective from those nameless soldiers and civilians sacrificed in the wars between the great Empires of Eve, well, hopefully this will not disappoint.

Lastly, constructive criticism is welcomed! I’m new to Eve, and despite my best efforts to research the wonderful lore here, I’m sure I’ve messed some details up. Likewise, I haven’t written a project like this before, so my grasp on the medium is less than ideal. Please feel free to drop me an Evemail with any comments or suggestions. I hope at least some of you enjoy it!


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