Simulating the vulnerabilities of Triglavian society

Although initially I was a bit incredulous about yet another pandemic threat (no, not that one) to the Cluster, I am fond of extreme sexiness and the Triglavians have such wonderful vocal intonations that, well, I thought maybe more effort was warranted.

The fact that the Collective is divided makes it objectively more interesting than previous monolithic threats to the entire Cluster. Exploiting internal division is a tried-and-true approach to overcoming a superior opponent. It is also easier said than done. Replacing a divided threat with an enraged monolithic one is not helpful.

So what to do?


In the Collective spirit, I have produced a video documenting the beginnings of such a simulation:

Triglavian Simulation

For my Collective, I renovated a dungeon and had the Ni-Kunni seamstresses whip up Triglavian hats for some Sebbies - who I then sent them on their merry way to recreate life in a dark poorly explored Abyss. Is that a two headed gorilla demon? Where was I? At the moment, I have but a single faction. Renovations took a fair bit of time.

But it is a beginning!

And in this beginning, I noticed an architectural similarity between Triglavian superstructures and a Viziam station I recently departed. The Triglavians therefore favor armor, capacitor weapons, and orifice ejector towers. That brings the number of similarities (that I have chosen to identify) between the Collective and Amarr to… three!


Your model is upside-down.
Your premises are ludicrous.
Your simulation is based on a data set that can only generously be described as ‘barely existent’.
Your work is shoddy.
And your posting wouldn’t pass muster in WIdot.

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Making peculiar 3d models of things is an approach to SCIENCE that few capsuleers tend to get involved with, instead preferring the “I don’t know what this is, but I’m going to stick it in my brain” methodology.

So. I am intrigued to find out where this goes next.

I’m Doctor Valate, and I approve this product and/or service.

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Kisses, Valerie darling! Hugs!

I believe that buttons are needed, soon, if not necessarily next! For SCIENCE! And haberdashery.

It is nigh impossible to simulate without buttons.

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There are still no buttons, but now there are three factions - which should make matters a bit less abstract.

SCIEN-tific inquiry into the corruption of Triglavian society, two

It will be necessary for me to configure and position the three factions in such a way that they would remain in balance for 10,000 years absent our intervention. Otherwise, our intervention would not be required. That will take some doing. Complicating that, I must at least make an effort to differentiate the factional capabilities. I have been pouring through the logs generously uploaded by more accomplished pilots than me for clues as to a proper division of capability.

Lastly, I’ve given myself a little halo hat. My stint with the Tribal Liberation Force was educational and invigorating - for which I must thank darling Anyanka. It also improved my relationship with the Republic and Federation sufficiently to allow a charming young nun, Ally-something, not “cat” - ha ha ha - to reach out to me with a curious matter about drones.

I didn’t have the heart to ask her why the Sisterhood was fiddling with a different kind of drone (a fact which my newly helpful artificial assistant very helpfully brought to my attention). When I showed up at Ally’s station, there was yet a third kind of drone (which for some odd reason seemed to be an old kind of drone with a new name).

There’s that number three, again.

Really darlings, it’s almost like there is always a set of events which can be mapped to whichever numerologianic fantasy is on the table.

For the most part, that would be correct. At least in my opinion.
That said I’m curious to see what this results in.

“What’s the worst that could happen?” is probably the driving reason for it. Have to admit it does produce results.

OP is poshlost-irredeemable. Recommend immediate extirbation.

-t. Recon Troika We-To-Lo

I look forward to the next instalment of Triglavian Hat Maze.

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Buttons, Collusion, Combat, Oh My!

With the addition of buttons, the Lycansebbs and I are able to explore new vistas of xenos interaction, including combat, stealth, node capture, and resource projection.

Or maybe it isn’t xenos, really. At what point does divergence raise xenomorphic considerations? Hmmm…

Astounding. What next for Triglavian Hat Maze ?

Measurements, darling! Measurements! We cannot have SCIENCE without measurements.

I am not entirely sure what I should use as the Key Performance Indicators of collusion. But I shall think of something! Thinking of something is what I do. We are much alike in that respect Doctor!

Tangentially, I don’t suppose you acquired any genetic material from that Bhaalgorn village…?

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