Since CCP is firing ppl let's have a poll

Who do you think will be fired next?

CCP Fozzie
CCP Rise
CCP Mintchip(not sure if still there)
CCP Guard
CCP Falcon

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How about none, rather than making a poll on people losing jobs.


CCP Mintchip? lol Wow, you make me feel very informed, thanks!

Hopefully its Falcon. What does he even do other than say HTFU and blame the victims who fall for things like the margin trading scam, and those who are suicide ganked? Is it the really players fault that they have been given this false sense of security?

That mentality is a big reason why this game is garbage IMO. EVE is a griefers paradise.

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I hope that EVE doesn’t lose any more people, let alone any more Devs. That being said and with the scale of the recent cuts, only CCP Chair has a firm foundation at the company.

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Seriously Mintchip? She was laid off when WoD was canceled. Also, wishing someone would lose their job is very inconsiderate and rude

The Main thing that needs to happen is lower pay of Executive team such as CEO , then COO and CFO

No it is not. The arrogance and incompetence begs for it.

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