Thank you

Thank you to all of the CSMs and past CSMs for keeping up the good fight against CCP to make Eve a better game.




You’re welcome.

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I appreciate effort to unite everyone but I bet 1 isk that CCP is already pouring warm piss on this and community will grab pitchfork’s for day or two. After that everything will go back to normal. Same people upvoting will have wet pants next time CCP gonna promise game change they want. (see: Scarcity and current patch announcements, now)

Same shitt for years over and over without a single change. Its not CCP that is upsetting. But community that deep down, don’t give crap or is simply absurdly stupid. Since no one normal couldn’t see clear line drawn by CCP years ago. And buy same lies while forgetting everything each time someone throws scraps their way.

And it boils down pretty much to one thing. They know, that no matter what they do. Players won’t leave. CCP said this themselves way back and community confirms. Only thing we see each bad move “Oh, time to unsub again”. Proves CCP point. “They will come back”.

AS one of the people who whined at them with it was appreciated, unpopular opinion on these forums I know but I am thankful that the russian teenagers in my corp didn’t get alienated by CCP and we are able to keep answering questions about what our media is reporting in text form - they don’t like opening links or using google translate their end.

I still do think there needs to be some sort of emergency pos service. Been thinking about this more and if there was a neutral group of eve players, like with WH rescue corps, set up to send in emergency pos refuellers in the case of any global event, be it flood fire or war, that would help. In high and low sec at least it would be a fairly simple case of someone who could assign roles contacting the helper corp and saying “we got a hurricane warning for my island, can you fuel if we can’t get online”.

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