Since market fees are robbing us blind, how do you sell stuff?

since CCP changed market and introduced predatory relisting fees, how do you sell your stuff you build? relisting is no longer viable, what do you do to get rid of your stuff?
I stopped manufactoring for a while due to these changes but I don’t know how else make money.

price it appropriately and stop whining


I dont. I decided to keep everything for myself.

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how do you “price approapriately” if you can’t know how often you gotta relist your stuff paying every time the whole fees???

this is why these forums are trash nowadays… all you get are 2 troll answers…


Lol, the answer is in your question… if it’s too expensive to relist constantly just put it up once and forget about it… when it sells, great, if it ends up back in your hanger then lower your price & relist it… it’s really not complicated at all. :slight_smile:

LOL, no, this ^^^^ is why these forums are trash nowadays, assuming that’s a true statement it’s probably because people can’t think for themselves and expect to be spoon fed everything :expressionless:



so, I can’t relist means I can’t accelerate my sales… means my stockpiles are piling up… means that industry is no longer viable to me, time to inflate economy some more with NPC bounties.

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Lower your price and things will sell.


well if I have to put them on market at the lowest price possible, just to have a chance to sell it… well then the whole activity is pointless since there is no profit in it anymore. Thanks CCP for killing industry with this devastating change that nobody asked for.

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Then you have to lower your production costs or move to another item. I can’t remember when I last build an item I wouldn’t be able to sell to buy orders at profit.

People were overjoyed that the stupid .01-isking stopped.


Keep it simple.

Just run the competition’s prices into the ground until they go completely broke, sell everything they have left to your buy orders dirt cheap after they can’t afford to fill their own anymore and when you own most of the volume left on the market just price items however and whenever you like.

Then take a break for however long you possibly can until new competition fills the market as prices soar with the dwindling supply and after they have invested and built up enough on the market, start knocking them all down again.

Rinse, repeat.

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Don’t relist your stuff. Problem solved.

Just set it all up in a contract for @Aiko_Danuja - ask her how much it is worth and she will buy it from you all at once. No relisting.

Strange, I hear all the whining about how bad the brokerage charges are.
I’m a T2 manufacturer in High Sec. I sell what I make on the market in NPC stations.
I make more profit now than I did before they were introduced.
And it’s a more interesting business because of the change as well.

The world changes and moves on. Change with it.
Don’t think you can sell horseshoes to lorry drivers.


Relisting is still viable if you know what you are doing. Or you can just trade long / mid term, or you can just do station hauling trading and take advantage of the huge differences in prices between some regions. Doing all of the above at the same time works best.

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If you’re not listing at a price that people are paying, you’re not listing according to the value of the commodity.

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well if I have to put them on market at the lowest price possible, just to have a chance to sell it… well then the whole activity is pointless since there is no profit in it anymore.

Uhm, that was exactly how it worked before. You also had to put it up for the lowest price. As for me i havent seen a negativ effect with the new fee. I just spent less time adjusting my orders.

when everybody answers to your question saying that you are wrong, you should adapt to the changes and stop whining, maybe it is because they are right, they are not trollers, and you should change your mind, don’t you think so?
If you cannot accept that maybe you could be wrong and others could be right, don’t post on a forum, just stay in front of your mirror, and repeat "grrr ccp " etc

no its hasn’t… before the changes you could put up your stuff at a higher price for more profit and then relist to a lower price when you realized they are not selling or are selling too slowly. Now putting them up at a higher price isnt viable becacuse predatory relisting fees would eat up a decent portion of the profit from that item, in case you needed to lower the price.

so, what you’re saying is that there are no trolls on forums, never been and all legit people??? XDD
Are you new to the internet??
with “everybody” you mean the 2, one of which didn’t even bother to further elaborate when asked about it…

or its the other way around and they are simple trolls…

Because being unable to adjust your market prices without being robbed of all your profit is an idiotic change and a hardly debatable position, which makes selling big batches of items a pain in the ass and detrimental to the industry profession as whole because it kills a huge part of profit that you earned before… alone by the fact that you can’t price your items optimistically anymore and have to go with lowest acceptable profit as per default instead, if you wanted to sell your crap within next month or so.