Since when T2 ship manufacturing become such unprofitable garbage?

I can’t believe people still think T2 BPOs provide any actual benefit in [current year].


People still pay billions for them, apparently.

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I can see them having value as collector’s items.

but when people unironically claim their use in industry is a benefit? lmao

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I used to make good money with my T2 BPO. It sits in some hangar now, gathering dust.

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Just checked my manufacturing costs for some of the items.

Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate - 6,221
Nanoelectrical Microprocessor - 42,633
Radar Sensor Cluster 22,354
Just these three takes just under 129 million off the cost. I react all of the moon goo myself however, but I would start with buying the reacted material to make the components. There is definitely money to be made but its as much about stream lining the supply chain/manufacturing process to keep working capital to the minimum and buying materials through buy orders to reduce the cost.

@Haulie_Berry has already addressed the issue of selling the components (instead of bulding with them) at the JITA trade hub but I’m still wondering if the RAW moon goo is still often worth more sold locally in null (or to a buyback program) instead of building with it.

Sometimes a reduction in profit is worthwhile if you can gain a major reduction in your “inventory turnover ratio” (for example, BBP for my corporation is reasonably quick)

The short answer is “no”. Goo in null, at least in my corner, tends to trade at 90-100% of the Jita buy order price ( I buy all of my goo, I don’t mine). It’s both plentiful and easy to source locally (freight savings) so it runs cheap. Selling ice to eskimos, sorta.

Even valuing goo at Jita Sell, reactions performed in a rigged structure in null sec tend to be a value-add, and there’s basically no increase in marginal effort over building from composites if you’re doing “scale” operations because running long jobs cuts down on interaction.

You can manufacture 1 slot 24/7 365 with no effort for over 10 years.

But hey hum ccp giving quadrillion isk assets to players is no big deal. Stop smoking what ever it is you smoke.

Eve is not real.

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“Reasonable amount of time” is kind of subjective. My industry alt is (due to time concerns, I don’t have infinite time to play) often doing nothing for months, or taking first weeks to gather materials, then weeks to build T2-ships, then weeks until everything is sold. Is that reasonable for you? It’s for me, of course, but I can’t telepathically look into your brain, so I have no idea what you would think about production cycles taking entire months.

On profitability, what I’m doing when I want to build something, is first making another tab in one of my T2-build spread sheets. Then I look at the numbers to see what raw materials I need and how much it would cost to buy them. Then I add in costs like invention/building fees, taxes and so on. At the end, I compare to with what the end-product is selling in Jita, and how much volume is traded.

If the numbers look like the end effect results in a net profit, I go for it. If it’s a loss or the margin too tiny, I just wait until the market changes again.

At this point, a shout out for the many, many people willing to transport tons of my stuff with 200-300% security deposits around. Sure, it costs money and eats into my margins, but it doesn’t cost time, which is more important to me. (Also if my transports are getting ganked, I make instantly more profit then I would have made normally.)