Since when T2 ship manufacturing become such unprofitable garbage?

you can make 33 ares at the same time. still super low.
Also you can mine AND build ares. Still very low.

Hell, you can build ares while you sleep. You can’t mine while you sleep unless you’re botting.

54k isk per hour is 42M isk per day with 3 alts. just farming you make more in the time you relog your alts.

Doesnt matter, 54k isk per hour is near zero. Its worthless.

You cant.

What on earth are you talking about? You can have 33 build slots on an account, and you can absolutely mine while they’re in build.

Wow, no wonder that everything has crappy prices nowadays…

Mining don’t make your industry more profitable. Same as flooding market for little isk.

It can.

it effectively makes the price of your items cheaper, assuming it’s worth mining to sell in the first place and you are not wasting your time by using them to manufacture.

eg it’s worth mining kernite in LS, but refining it to manufacture may or may not be worth it ^^

I was replaying to guy claiming its worth to producer item for 54 isk/h. Because you can main while production lines are running.

It’s making isk by mining. It has nothing to do with produced items. there is zero difference in mining and selling ore for minerals you need vs for example running abyss and buying minerals with isk you make there.

This specific example was a counter example to my argument, showing that this is not a general case. Yes mining kernite is making isk by mining.
Yet mining other ore in HS and using them to manufacture can be a net gain in the acquisition price of minerals used, because taxes, hauling cost, intermediate person, etc.

Yes it can. But still, this is not related to discussion in any way.

It is relatd to :

Mining can make your industry more profitable by reducing the mineral costs.

Mining doesn’t make your manufacturing more profitable - the minerals are still worth the same value as buying from the market. You’re just adding a mining profit on top of your manufacturing profit.

In the same vain as buying the minerals cheaper from a buy order or otherwise getting a good price on the minerals is adding a trade profit to your manufacturing profit.

If you consider the mining as part of your manufacturing profit then you’re undervaluing your minerals and you’re short changing yourself.

No they are not. The mineral worth is unrelated. What is related is the acquisition price of the items.
In Eve items have different acquisition value depending on where you want them, and when. Just because you can’t do the math does not mean that you can use a general meaningless term like “worth”.

So yes mining can reduce the acquisition price of the minerals. It’s only “free” when the minerals you get are from ore that you would not sell anyhow, and that is created as a byproduct of an interesting activity… In many cases it’s cheaper, and in some niche cases (kernite, Omber) it’s more expensive.

Ease of sale is a large consideration when selling finished products vs raw materials. Also haulage volume. Ships are typically at least 1/2 the volume of the inputs and since time has value so does compressing your haul trips. As far as minerals, large orders will often depress the market but 10 ravens usually won’t depress the market compared to 94 mil tritanium. Like say i still have 100million units of pyerite in a stack from before resource scarcity. Its typically easier to make something from it that i can sell for a tiny gain instead of hauling the mineral to trade hub and sell.


Ore I pirate isn’t exactly free but. . .

So basically what has happened here is that the null sec bonus to structure rigs, means that low / null sec producers have competed the price down to the point where it no longer makes sense for high sec builders. This is happening on items with high mineral compression and a high selling price, meaning that low / null sec builders are maximizing their Isk Per Hour in light of their limited number of build slots. I expect this is being done on the alliance level using alts and is meant to provide funds for the current conflict.

guys, guys, it’s fine, we don’t need ships.

Adding to that, gotta ask yourself how are you going to get 180 mil isk worth of moon goo transported from deep low sec to Jita?

Load it into a jump freighter and hope nobody ganks you?

Or build a badarse T2 ship out of it, and fly the badarse T2 ship into Jita and sell it directly?

When I make stuff in Null or Lowsec, the first question on my mind is: how am I going to get it to market?