Since when was salvaging 'looting'?

Came upon a yellow wreck, tried to SALVAGE, was told i couldn’t do so because the amount of LOOT the wreck contained exceeded my cargo capacity. WTF?

Pretty sure it’s always been like that. But then I haven’t done any salvaging in eight or ten years, so there’s that.

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Salvaging. Looting. Two different things. You can salvage a wreck and leave a loot box. Pretty sure it’s been that way for at least 8-10 years;)

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Pretty sure that’s just the message you get when you try to salvage a wreck, and don’t have enough space in your cargo for the salvage itself (a small amount, but still tangible).


Even salvage materials have a size thus if you salvage the wreck but the outcome does not fit in your cargo hold then the operation can not be completed. At least I assume that is what happened but that would require your cargo hold to be full as salvage materials are pretty small unless you try salvaging some huge wreck like a citadel that produces a lot of them. So only you can know if that is the case or the system counted the actual loot when providing that warning.

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Guarantee you that’s not the case. 50m3 is more than enough, even for a titan’s salvage…

Standard when loot is too big for standard can. You need to take enough loot first to start salvaging. So when wreck turns into can it will fit into it.

It is like that since I started playing


stupid that loot and salvage are thus compared, but good to know!


Yes, that is exactly what happens.

It has since salvage entered the game.

If you have an empty cargo hold of 400m³ and it is filled to 398m³ and the salvage is 0.5m³, you cannot salvage the wreck entirely.
I think some of the regular salvage will go into your hold but the rest is dumped into a can.

We aren’t talking about size of salvage but loot dropped inside wreck after kill. Wreck won’t transfer into can in size of loot is too big. In result, you can’t salvage it.

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Wtf even is this thread

This reminds me of an exploit I’ve encountered long time ago, involving wrecks which couldn’t be salvaged due to what was inside of them. Baiters put them there and got people suspect flagged that way. I don’t remember the details anymore.

Is the wreck, which you’re trying to salvage, empty?
Which ship was it?
Is it near a gate?

What were you using to salvage? Drones? Mods? How’s your skills? What kind of wreck were you trying to salvage?

From quick research and archived forum posts, it seems that the oversized wreck mechanics are still in game, If you could give more info like NPC ship, player ship etc.

  • Wrecks will no longer be salvageable whilst they contain more loot than could fit in to a single cargo container (27,500m3).

Released on Tuesday, September 3rd 2013

How many times I must explain this simple thing?


Pretty sure the OP misread the message he got and is confusing everyone else with this thread.

As others have said, the problem is not that the wreck contents would exceed your cargo capacity. The problem is that the volume would exceed what can be placed in the standard container that would have to be created to hold the loot after salvaging the wreck. If the container cannot be created, the system doesn’t let you salvage the wreck either.

I get it now. He either tried to salvage a structure, or a freighter that had containers that ultimately were too large capacity for a single jetcan. That’s why I was still wanting to know what he tried to salvage

Good to know. Ran into this years ago trying to salvage a freighter and always wondered why.

Pretty sure i didn’t;)
The answer has been well and volubly provided by more than a few in here - with my thanks. I wasn’t aware of the container limit mechanic.

It turned out to be the result of the container size limit mechanic, which i was unaware of. Many thanks to all for clearing that up:)