Single email - How do I Multibox?

I received an email from EVE asking me to consolidate my accounts for added benefit.

A question to CCP? How do I multibox if all my accounts are under one account? @CCP_Aurora

All your accounts can be under one email.

My 2 alpha accounts and main account are all under 1 email

So annoying that it has to be one e-mail address.


My accounts are under the same email address. When one logs in the Eve screen will allow you to start each of your accounts separately, assuming that they are omega accounts (although I heard in a different thread that something changed and alpha accounts can now be started in conjunction with omega accounts).

Multi boxing is no problem.

You can have as many accounts on the same e-mail address as you want. I personally have seven alpha accounts on the same e-mail address no problem.

Of course I can’t nor would run more than one at the same time even if I could.

Though note that you can actually run several at the same time as long as you don’t actually enter the game beyond the character selection screen besides one at a time. So you can get your other account(s) ready for entry and once quit with your first one you can get in faster. You can also gather the daily login rewards this way while one of your Alphas is signed in without a problem.

Probably just a bug because unless the actual rules have changed it is against the EULA to run an Alpha at the same time as your Omega (or multiple Alphas) and you risk a ban or other disciplinary action against your accounts if you do so. Just a friendly warning to anyone considering exploiting the situation.

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Has anyone been able to actually change their email address? I have a couple of accounts that won’t let me change it. It just says “change in progress” and then never actually does anything. I never get a confirmation email or anything at either email address either but oddly I DO get an email telling me it has been changed when it actually never has. I’m brain farked over this right now lol

It is actually frightening how many people don’t seem to understand this.


Click on the link titled [Other accounts) inside the Account information should show you which accounts are linked to your email to make things a little easy for those who didn’t keep track outside of the game.

They say only the brightest are playing EVE.

CCP says they will reward you for putting 3 or more accounts under 1 email address. They don’t say you will be penalized for not doing so.

In-game input-broadcasting Soon™.

Without putting all my accounts under one e-mail address, I can’t use this feature even though I have lots of alts. That’s my point.

Added negative consequence of that: Right now I don’t see useless advertising mails because I blocked them on most of my account’s email addresses. I only see the mails on accounts for which I don’t have to see emails all the time. Speaking of which, why is this a marketing mail in the first place. This is an important new feature and communication about it shouldn’t automatically land in the spam folder.


You are right mate, the alpha restrictions are still embedded in the EULA. This is a technical issue that is currently being addressed by CCP. I would like to point out that disregarding the login restrictions, as they are anchored in the EULA, may well lead to a ban of the corresponding accounts

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In the past it saying use to be…

“When an EVE player leaves EVE to go to WOW the average IQ of the both games population goes up.”


The real question is: is this even necessary?

The Alpha skill set restrictions essentially ensure that players can’t really spam Alpha accounts for mass-scale farming, as activities like mining and PI are already prevented. Players like gankers aren’t bothered by this restriction either, as they usually use their shooters to farm SP, effectively breaking even on maintaining Omega status.

This really only leaves some edge cases like true Alpha pilots multi-boxing PvE content, and players using disposable accounts to do things like scouting themselves through dangerous space. Is it worthwhile having this rule in place if it affects very few players, with the ones being affected the most being newer players trying to get a foothold in the game without paying for it yet?

Yes but then they done need to. So income will be lost like that.

Omega accounts do a bit more damage, so if the cost is effectively the same after accounting for SP extraction, it means the gankers need fewer accounts for the same effectiveness.

Also, there are relatively few gankers, so the impact will hardly be felt. In fact, it would likely get more than offset by the game appearing more lively and populated if there are more accounts logged in, even if they’re just alts.

There are pros and cons to doing this. I just think there are more pros than cons.

I’ve noticed this also.

Shut the door on your way out thank you.

/Make sure to drop the mic.

The feature was announced at FanFest. They follow up with an email a couple of weeks later - if it went to spam, that’s your choice. CCP sends an announcement/promotion email to me roughly once a month - not obtrusive by most standards. It will be followed up with a devblog in the not-too-distant future - and will likely still take some people by surprise when implemented.