Singularity Accessibility Update

Live feed from CCP’s office when making decisions:


I for one welcome this change… there should some risk for Theory-crafting to big and small alliances and corporations a like. there should not be a place where you can go in relative safety to test your fits. That is not what the test server is for… However Why open it at all… Its been clear from years of mass testing that CCP doesn’t fix bugs found during these mass tests… Might as well just get rid of SiSI all together


Its risk and reward lad… if you want to learn how to do stuff in TQ you actually have to undock and pay the price if you mess up…

Sisi was used way too much to figure out missions with no risk at all



Will i miss sisi yes… did i use it for training etc yes…
But switching it off is better for the game as a whole


So the live server is becoming the test server.

Also, with how poorly documented many of Eve’s more obscure mechanics are, losing access to a place where they can be deciphered in a controlled manner is disappointing. And I’m not talking about abyssals either.


Really gutted by this utterly insane decision. SISI has always been a way for us, the players, to test out current ingame mechanics and new fittings. We use it to practice PVP, from frigates to capital fights.
Structure mechanics, anchoring, and unanchoring stuff. It’s basically just as important to us as TQ.

Also, for training fleet tactics to large groups of players, it’s easier to do this on SISI than on TQ.
Why don’t you set up a small inhouse server that works for your developer team and give SISI back to us?
You know, like a proper Development/Test/Live server environment… (like any self-respecting company has)


because the test server has other goals.

oooh you poor sweet summer child

That’s a good thing to do.

I suggest skin’s and cat ears as reward.


No, I feel more like a winter child, surviving on berries, walnuts, snowflakes and frozen capsuleer tears…

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Don’t be a hippo-twatimus


How else am i meant to test stuff without risking all of my income or having to spend another 80 hours grinding it or is this another thinly vailed attempt to get people to buy those skillpoints you said you would never sell


This is a great thing tbh. Playing should be done on live server.


or yknow. dont gatekeep content behind people who already know every single mechanic and ■■■■ on your for not knowing it without actually giving you any way to test said mechanics

(huh, it edits out swearing, neat)


Because thats not what SISI was actually for, very few people did any actual meaningful (to the game) testing and instead only used it to practice content without any risk

Imagine playing EVE and not having to risk things to learn

So now you understand why this is being done


Whether this really increases the quality of the updates - in the sense of fewer errors and bugs - remains to be seen. I dare to doubt it. But if there are really less new bugs, CCP might have time to work off the list of bugs that have not been fixed for months or even years.

To be fair i think “Helping to make the game better” should be all the incentive you really need, there are significant issues with allowing any benefits to exist outside of TQ for the most part

However, i don’t see there being an issue if, for example, you were to make a new skinline specifically related to bug reporting and meaningful testing that was immediately redeemed to the character so it couldn’t be sold for anything nor traded away, but whatever the incentive is it needs to have zero gameplay impact

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says the person who probably hasnt played the game in 8 years
times have changed old man :stuck_out_tongue:

(also, we never asked for participation trophies, it was the boomers wanting their kid to feel special which is what cuased them)


I’ll miss the option to test stuff out and play around I suppose, but I get it from CCP’s POV.