Singularity - Cannot online Pharolux Cyno Beacon


I wanted to test out how to capture systems, online structures, set up things, etc. on Singularity.

Overall things were going well. I got a TCU, deployed, used entosis, claimed the system: Check
I got an iHub, deployed, used entosis, updated the system: Check
Use the /boostsov command to be able to use the addons I wanted, installed them, online: Check
I got a Pharolux Cyno Beacon, deployed, put in fuel blocks, liquid ozone: Check

Trouble is, the beacon won’t light. Maybe I’m still missing something, but I wanted to verify if there was something going on because this was Singularity and functionality is lower or if I was missing a step.

Thanks for allowing a “playground” to test these things and give me a better idea of how things work!

Jaksom Porthos

  1. fill freighter with fuel
  2. fly to your cyno structure
  3. rightclick the cyno structure
  4. select deliver cargo
  5. drop your fuel blocks and ozone
  6. right click again
    7.board the cyno beacon,hit alt+F online the cyno service
    8… ENJOY.
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Thank you for the final piece of the puzzle! Just couldn’t figure out 7.2 so than you very much for that!

And this is why we play in the sandbox first :slight_smile:

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