Singularity password reset

I was directed to this forum to get help resetting my password on singularity. Anyway I can get this reset?

I see you fell for the trap.

You filed a Support Ticket, and they replied with the standard issue “we’re not responsible for Sisi, go post on the forums” response.

Well, unfortunately… Nobody at CCP gives a ■■■■ about Sisi unless they’re trying to Mass Test something or another.

You will find no help here. You might get someone reasonably official looking to come along and explain that Sisi is a mirror of TQ from some date and time. Which means that you need to use the password you had on that date. But they will not help you more than that. The only alternative is to make sure your account is in good working order right now, and then wait for the next mirror.

Oh, also… turn off 2FA if you have it. That’s another thing that completely ruins anyone’s ability to log into Sisi.

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