in Test Server,

I was testing a Gila for 3-4 months in Perimeter.
today I sign in into Test Server and I found my pilot in P-ZMZV, 65 jumps away from where I was and all my skill that I use to maximize the Gila are all gone including the 8 Bill of isk that it toke me hr`s to make. can someone tell me what happen ?
malfunction ? can my pilot go back where it was before or do i need to re-start again all those skills .

Sisi was refreshed from Tranquility, which happens every 3-4 months. Everything on Sisi is subject to change with no notice because it is a test server. You can buy a lot of things off the seeded market for 100 isk each; other items you will need to find or make yourself.


for reference, to make isk on sisi, buy expensive T1 ships for 100 isk. undock them, and self destruct. lather, rinse, repeat.
Insurance fraud is the easiest way to make isk on SiSi.

SiSi is not a server to play on. It’s a server to test things on.


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