So I’ve tried accessing Singularity so I can try out some ship fits. Why is it that whenever I log onto it, I have never been able to access it? What is going on, how do I fix it? It says the server cluster is not accepting connections.

It’s only used for CCP tests, usually of upcoming content. There are typically less than five a year and typically last less than a day. The most recent test was 19 oct. When tests are scheduled they are posted in Test Server Feedback - EVE Online Forums.

I had never tried to connect to it in current launcher. It is misleading and should absolutely have a red dot next to it instead of nothing. I assume there would be a green dot if it was online.

So then I got a question, how do I test out fits without loosing 30+mil isk on something like a abyssal Cruiser?

I test T1 cruiser fits by duelling a friend to structure, running gradually more difficult exploration sites, or killing clone soldiers and Mordu’s rats in lowsec. Can’t help with abyssal fits specifically but the whole point of abyssals is high risk high reward. If you cant afford to lose the fit you should not fly it let alone run abyssals with it.

Thing is, I can afford to loose that amount once or twice, but if it’s for abyssals, especially cruisers, once or twice I’m out of money. With abyssals you’re about to die, you’re done. Ratting you can just warp off.

While you build up bankroll you might want to check out homefronts. With a group that doesn’t make mistakes (edit: and finds enough unoccupied sites) it’s 50-80M per hour. Theres not much other highsec content that meets that in a cruiser. Lowsec sites in a cruiser have high loot drop variance but are comparable. You can also try running abyssals in cheaper destroyer or frigate by creating a fleet by yourself and activating for fleet. You need 2 identical filaments for destroyer and 3 for frigate. Difficulty and payouts are higher than solo cruiser.

Thanks for the advice, can homefronts be done solo? I have issues with finding people willing/or finding the time to wait for a group.

Maybe it’s related to “energy and eco carbon solutions”. Running an almost empty server is energy inefficient.

Shhhhh :shushing_face: don’t tell anybody how ecology is treated in other parallel worlds:



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