[SiSi] Will My One Man Alliance Fall If I Untrain Empire Control? (Resolved)

Greetings, capsuleers. I’m currently in need of skill injectors in Singularity and I have already extracted all my other skills and have no choice but to untrain my corporate management skills or wait for one week. If I do wait, it will be a waste of a week as the skills im injecting towards is required for SC construction. If I were to untrain my empire control skill, will my ONE MAN alliance fall and will I lose sov? Thanks, in advance

Edit: You can provide me with more information, if you feel like it
Edit 2: Just tell me if I will lose my alliance. I don’t need people telling me things I already know. I too bolded some stuff

You can just buy skill injectors in jita…

I think they are all out, last time I checked atleast

Buy PLEX, which are seeded, buy extractors from the NES, extract SP and inject again. That’s how SI work on Sisi.

The problem is I have no more skills I can extract. All the remaining skills I have aern’t enough to fill an extractor all I have left is Corporate Mangement

There’s thousands of them on market: https://evemarketer.com/types/40520, “cheapest” in Perimeter.
or do you prefer smaller ones? https://evemarketer.com/types/45635

No. The markets do mirror over to singularity but only once (I think). TQ market data has no effect on singularity. Once it’s sold out (it happens very quickly) the injectors are gone forever till the next mirror. The only way is extracting, which I cant do right now. /copyships is removed too.

You may notice you are in a “New Citizens Q&A”, thus we (at least I) presume you need general knowledge and common tips. So please tell us what you know so we can avoid talking about that - or visit special forum sections.

So it’s about the test server, OK.
No idea.

It was pretty obvious what his question was from the start, just none of you knew the answer.

@vrongbong I assume you mean extracting on SiSi? I think your alliance will be fine unless you leave it tbh and even if it does kick you out who cares, it’s SiSi.

Ahh thank you so much, that’s the answer I’ve been looking for. Have a great day and fly safe o7

Sorry for the late response

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