Sister Alitura, Jet-Canning a Janitor's quest can't be completed

Sister Alitura, Jet-Canning a Janitor’s quest (0.6 Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau, division Security) can’t be completed… i make everything like it says but cannot complete mission and really don’t know why. Here’s a picture uploaded to my twitter…

PS: I’m kinda new in EVE and i’ll try to understand any answers but i really don’t think i did anything wrong or incomplete.

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“Kill the pirates” doesn’t have the blue checkmark by it.

You must kill all the pirate ships at the mission location.


Actually Nebban’s shuttle doesn’t appear until all the pirates are dead. The screenshot indicates that you haven’t docked at the station - Nebban must be returned to Sister Alitura to complete the mission.

No probs. Set destination to arnon with Nebben in cargo and dock up at the correct station. Then once inside station you can complete mission.

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