Sister Alitura, Jet-Canning a Janitor's quest can't be completed

(Myndro Kaundur) #1

Sister Alitura, Jet-Canning a Janitor’s quest (0.6 Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau, division Security) can’t be completed… i make everything like it says but cannot complete mission and really don’t know why. Here’s a picture uploaded to my twitter…

PS: I’m kinda new in EVE and i’ll try to understand any answers but i really don’t think i did anything wrong or incomplete.

(Memphis Baas) #2

“Kill the pirates” doesn’t have the blue checkmark by it.

You must kill all the pirate ships at the mission location.

(Do Little) #3

Actually Nebban’s shuttle doesn’t appear until all the pirates are dead. The screenshot indicates that you haven’t docked at the station - Nebban must be returned to Sister Alitura to complete the mission.

(Keno Skir) #4

No probs. Set destination to arnon with Nebben in cargo and dock up at the correct station. Then once inside station you can complete mission.

(system) #5

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