Sisters of Eve mission : Suntendi Recall

To, to start with, in order to find the asteroid in 2 of 5, you need to go to your bookmarks and set destination from there, not just pilot to any old asteroid belt. It is NOT a common ore of any kind, and HAS to be from this asteroid only!

Secondly, part 3 of 5 says to get a scientist from a research station and then bring him back… This is very confusing because when you get to the research station (again from set destination on the mission bookmark), it is only a place holder and not a dockable station. There are 3 large collidable objects nearby, but those don’t matter. You need to “approach” the research center and “open cargo” when you get within range in order to actually get the scientist and then the mission will update and you can continue on. This also posed a concern that if I “open cargo” I might jettison the items I was already carrying {namely ammo for my weapon}. As it turns out, it only opens the “cargo” on the research station and NOT your ship’s cargo.

This is also very similar to what needs to be done in step 4 of 5 except that there is no option to “open cargo” from the large collidable object you are asked to approach and collect 357 faulty suntendi to bring back with you to the Sisters agent.

I haven’t dont part 5 of 5 just yet, but I’m sure it’ll be something similar.

(( I hope this helps someone out in the future and I hope the devs fix this really confusing quest update/requirement. I have a fair understanding of MMOs and various PC games in general, so I was only confused for a brief few minutes, but this could potentially be a VERY confusing thing for a new player with less gaming experience or someone that is carrying something rather expensive in their cargo hold and thinks they might end up losing it because they think it means they need to open THEIR cargohold. Please, Devs, make this a non-issue and much less confusing for future players. Thanks.

So part 5 of 5 is actually a combat mission… fight off the enemy ships {about 8 or 10 of them so make sure you have good weapons and shields… I was using my wreath with a single 125mm gatling auto-cannon 1 plus 2 large shield extenders, 1 kinetic 1 thermal and 1 EM amp slotted. Barely noticed any shield damage even though I was being hit like crazy… but the weapon damage I was doing was SLOW!! I recommend getting some skills in a higher grade weapon for faster kill times, and use something that is faster at maneuverability than the wreath… Loots for the kills was sub par, so don’t expect much for this one other than the mission rewards… Just a side note… I had no problem completing each of the 5 missions within the bonus time allotted for each which resulted in bonus ISK every single time… even the combat one… I still had over an hour of bonus time left even though I used a garbage weapon that took forever.

Eh… ok.

Also be sure your monitor is plugged and on. I had a hard time seeing anything until I realized.

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