How do I keep people from stealing my combat sites? This is getting pretty annoying. Do I just need so much DPS that the enemies are gone before the other guy can do anything?

They aren’t your sites.


Well, if you want to be pedantic, you’re technically correct. But, I would like to be able to finish the site that I started without someone else warping in and competing for kills.

Let me guess, you would also like easy isk?

No, I prefer having some challenge. I’d just rather not get CONCORDed by attacking people who warp in on sites I’m in the middle of to get “my” site back.

I don’t believe you, because you are whining about “someone else warping in and competing” - it sounds like you want to pretend you enjoy challenge, while simultaneously wanting things to be easier for you.

No, I like the challenge of completing PVE sites with as little DPS on my part as I can, making it harder to complete, but I don’t like having to try to scare people off or shoot at them and lose my ship to the cops.

Ok, I see your confusion.

These are PvP sites in a PvP game.

If you only want to do PvE stuff in isolation, there is a test server for that.

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Ah, that does make sense. Like I said though, I’d rather not get CONCORDed if I can help it.



I guess one way to (very slowly) make easy money is Project Discovery, but that gets boring fast…

Use the right ships with the right fit, don’t be lazy, learn the DETAILS of those sites, don’t be lazy, don’t waste time, don’t be lazy.

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Hmmm…Since the people who warp in on me almost always have enough DPS that I’d consider it overkill, maybe that’s what I should do?

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Which sites are you doing exactly.

Guristas Hideaways, Refuges, Dens, and low-level drone sites.

What faction space and what’s your fit.

Don’t be in caldari space, way too much competition, unless you ARE the competition.

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Caldari, and I can clear a level 1 site in less than a minute with a Condor using T1 meta rockets. For Refuges, I like using a Cormorant fitted with railguns, and for Dens I like using a Caracal with light missiles.

You’ve been playing a while…

…have you tried leaving the Highsec tutorial?

LOL! Yes, my first character has been in nullsec for probably two years, and I’m enjoying it there. I just like being able to run missions here and there in highsec, and the market is SOOO much better there.

People use a Hecate that does about 800 dps, or they use a missile ship that does about 400-700 dps (depending on type), Jackdaw does about 550 Dps. Drone ships generally 500+ dps.

Why should you win?

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