So you prefer HIghsec ratting… because…


Ah, that makes sense. The competition is just using a ridiculous amount of DPS to clear the field before I can even lock anything.

I don’t necessarily prefer highsec ratting, because the income is pathetic, but it’s a good source of loot and a good way to pass time.

It is?

Yeah, I can fill a giant cargo container in about a week. Beats the heck out of just drone poop too, lol.

AND they have the tank to hang, yes.

Having said that ,there’s not much isk in doing anoms in and of themselves, not in HS. The isk is in the escalations but the chance of that is extremely low and very often it’ll be outside high sec. Solution, get better and/or start scan probing for sites, it’s still competitive but at least you’ll make more.

And again, gtfo out of Caldari space.

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I’ll take that suggestion seriously, and also look to move out of Cal space.

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This is from a 3/10 site, it’s well above average but it does happen. Those are the sites you can get as an escalation from Hideaway and Refuge in Gal space (in Caldari space they escalate to 4/10), OR you can just scan for them yourself which is much better and more reliable.

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WHOA, nice!!!

Well, thank you both for the recommendations! I think I have a good action plan now. :slight_smile:

One thing I’m confused about is why someone would go into a low-level combat site with over 500 DPS when 100 is more than enough.

Overkill is not a word in EVE’s vocabulary.


So basically if one laser will be good enough, bring ten?

Because they can. I come from incursions. It’s all about who can kill faster and apply better. Sansha delete ships faster than gankers. I actually ran my kronos with 0 multi specs at one point. Wanted to have 2 tracking computers for more application. Nearly died 20 times and it took savior lokis to keep watching me as I was testing it out.

Best thing you can do in your EVE career :slight_smile:

“Min Maxing” MININUM TANK… MAX DPS. /Application Rule of thumb for all PVE.

Oh yes! don’t forget about DPS tanking… (aka deleting hostile DPS off the grid so you don’t strain your limited tank.

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Ah, okay! That explains why on another character, when I was in a war, my FC insisted on using destroyers that had zero tank and max damage, basically glass cannons. Also, my guess is if I maximize DPS, then the minimum tank doesn’t matter because the enemy is dead before they can hurt me much.

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Because the ships are set up to deal with the escalations, also it helps when competing with a low dps build. For anoms applied dps and scan res are super important (unless you use auto target missiles)

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When presented with a choice of two options: (1) complete an activity quickly and efficiently using the bare minimum amount of effort and (2) complete an activity slowly and inefficiently using the maximum amount of effort that allows you to accomplish the same task in a considerably longer amount of time, what exactly makes you, as an ostensibly rational human being, opt for option 2?


Exactly what @Destiny_Corrupted wrote. Btw OP it is not overkill, it is efficiency or even better: not wasting time.

  • The less time it takes to complete the sites the more sites they can complete during the same amount of time.
  • If they clear the sites fast the less chance someone else has time to come in and compete.
  • The more sites they complete the more chance for commander spawns and escalations.
  • Even if there are no more sites left or don’t want to do more they’ve spent less time on the process and have more time for other things in EVE or outside of it.
  • Also if they one shot a rat or even in general they use less salvos thus even conserve ammo in case they use weapons that consume ammo.
  • If they use drones and are first but might also be doable if not there first if they get rat aggro then their drones will react thus they kill stuff even quicker usually without even having to lock the rats with their ship or even if have to lock some enemies others will aggro the drones right away thus start shooting stuff sooner which also applies to competing with other players.
  • The quicker and easier one completes sites the less attention and effort one has to spend on the process.

These are just some which quickly came to mind but probably there are other benefits too.

Now compare all that with your own approach and you should easily see why people do things the way they do in opposition with a minimalist approach.

Btw why not run missions instead? Much less chance for competition that way and aside of risking the completion time bonus you can complete the sites at your own pace.

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It’s only overkill if it brings the server to it’s knees.