Sized and/or Secret Stations

Sized stations are NPC owned stations that are of a smaller size than regular stations. The result is they can only be docked at by correspondingly smaller ships, i.e. (VS) Shuttles, Ventures and Frigates - (S) Destroyers, Industrials - (M) Cruisers. They may or may not have smaller markets for items of definitive sizes or price ranges and under.

A variation of this theme may be secret stations, i.e. stations you can only find in one or two ways, i.e. you are taken to them through a mission arc, or another player physically shares the information about these station. They can not be landmarked, as any landmark in a “several” 1000km radius from these stations fails. Once visited they show up on a player map.

These stations might offer unique/exotic services and/or products.

…such as?

Discounted exotic dancers for hire?

Anyway, I like the idea of a smaller size stations (and structures, give us small upwell structures too!).

And I also like the concept of special secret stations, although I’m not yet sure what their gameplay is supposed to be. Discount items? Structures which are a hassle to get to as you cannot simply warp to them from the overview? Extra missions?

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You already have npc stations in missions but you can’t interact with them because they are not allowed to be permanent (or they’ll spam). And if they aren’t permanent how does the game handle someone who has left their stuff there or is docked there? And you can’t have super secret structures that cannot be found because they’ll be too safe.


Ask Serpentis organization about it. You’ll get stuff you want (or some bullets in your hull)

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Secret stations kinda sound like a COSMOS agents system. I would certainly not want them to integrate such stations into the existing system.

With whatever new authoring work devs are putting into potential future missions and agent design, this might be a way to quarantine and depreciate these ancient systems.

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[quote=“Daichi_Yamato, post:2, topic:326450, full:true”]

[quote=“Khannea_Sun-Tzu, post:1, topic:326450”]
These stations might offer unique/exotic services and/or products.
[/quote] …such as? [/quote]

Anything that enriches the game, narrative wise. I can think of hundreds of possibilities on the back of a napkin.

Not everything in the game should be about ‘geejm belluns’. World building should become a significantly more important feature of the game.

All moot if you can’t describe a single one.

“Secret” stations actually sound like a really interesting idea, and I’d love to see them somehow, if ever possible - for instance, the Angel Cartel has a full-blown old Jove station in Heaven somewhere, it’s a known asset and has even appeared sneakily in a CDIA video, and even has an ingame database entry as an actual station (using the same model as the Jove stations in the inaccessible systems M-FDTD and HD3-JK), but cannot be seen or found ingame itself. That, or something like “Mithra’s Gate”, or the secret Minmatar Elders’/Thukker installations out in the Great Wildlands, or all sorts of other things, could lend some interesting flavor to remote areas of space - and make exploration a bit more fun too, especially if some things moved around, etc.


Once you’re able to find those stations they will lose all of the intrigue around them.

You are a bitter human being.

Worm holes used to be intriguing too.

But we’ve all been there done that.

Non-player made items? Bought using ISK or some other currency? Because there is no actual economy or market in that case if I’m understanding you correctly.

How are ISK prices set without player agency?
If it’s a special currency like loyalty points, how does one go about acquiring those points?
Can you give an example of an unique/exotic service and/or product?

Secret stations already exist, but obviously you haven’t found any of them.

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