Skiff vs Procurer mining output

Ganking gankers is pointless. And you can’t hunt anyone in hisec without being concorded yourself

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Sure thing sport.

follow the link to mining yeilds of various ships with different boosts

Before CCP decided to start building a theme park in the sandbox, the Retriever and Mackinaw did have their role to play. Back when the Procurer/Skiff had 1 turret, the Retreiver/Mackinaw had 2, and the Covetor/Hulk had 3. If I recall, the Mackinaw (and the Retriever? maybe?) had a bonus to ice harvesting.

These days the Retriever/Mackinaw are very much in the position you have pointed out. They are rather pointless. Especially since the T1 max yield fit out performs the T2 max tank fit on a couple of the ships.

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Just under 7m3/s difference between the Procurer and a Skiff (Orca Boosted).

For a nearly 200mil isk difference in price, and the Skiff is so gimped tank-wise that it takes a mere 2 or 3 Catalysts more to gank it compared to the Procurer.

Similar with the Covetor/Hulk. 41mil isk for the Covetor Hull, 255mil isk for the Hulk. For just over 8m3/s more.

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