Skill Extraction

Hi everyone - I have another character with 12mil SP with some pretty annoying standings issues so I started again with another more lawful character and I want to extract the skillpoints from it to bring over. Is this advisable? What are the pros and cons?


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There are ways to change your situation, depending on your specifics, it could take some time or a considerable ISK investment.

For Empire Faction standing you can check this one out:

If you done criminal acts, and thus now being “hunted” by concord, there are Soldier Tags that drops in lowsec, from specific npc rat, that you can give to an agent in space (don’t know where; check the Wikipedia) to increase your Security Status (not to be confused with CONCORD standing)


If your other character is Omega, you can extract up to 7 million SP. If the character is Alpha, you can only extract Omega skills - skills in the Alpha skillset will be locked.

It is probably best to use “The Plan” to repair standing rather than start over.

Pros are you wont have to spend time repairing your standings.

Cons are you will be at a net loss as to how many skills you will have. You will use a lot of isk on extractors. You will lose some SP because they impose a penalty on injecting above 5 million skillpoints, putting you even further back.

So, you will lose a lot of time and money, just so that you can save on a little bit of time and effort. Whether you think that’s worth it is up to you. But most of us would say no.

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