Skillers In The Abyss New Player Guide?

I find it very unfortunate that especially with the amount of pandemic players currently in game that these events are started with no link or information for new players on how to participate.

Most of us dont know what these filaments are, how to get them, what to fly to run them.

The abyssal filaments are mid to high tier PVE gameplay. It’s best for new players to start with low level missions, before they move up into abyssal filaments where they may not know that they are on a timer, not know to take gates, not know that they cant be running around the map with no regards to where the gate is, etc.

Lots of help vids for newbs out there, just need to google for example

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Such a great event to start when half your playerbase is less than a month old then.

Half the player base is always going to be a month old. That’s what happens when you’re free to play.

Not all events are geared towards new players. There’s nothing wrong with that.


The biggest issue is that you can’t get away from there and can’t safe your pod. No warp away when things go awry.
But actually that is what new players should get used to. Rats without points are pointless (pun intended) in the aspect of learning “real” EVE.
How to get new players to enjoy losing their ships? Probably a question of ISK, too.

My advice to new players in this case: Ask, watch, joyn, don’t be afraid of dying several times - You’ll finish your first T1 sites quite soon.


Now I’m stuck outside of my skill training clone for 24 hours.

The event lies and gives half the SP it says, less than being outside my clone for 24 hours

I want to quit because of an event. Good Job CCP. Great pandemic player retention efforts assholes.

Some people just aren’t suited to this game.


That is one of my concern .
Is it worth it since they half-ed the SP earned ?

Well, obviously you are good at pointing out problems, now you need an inner urge to solve them, and you win EVE.
You can switch your clone immediately if you locate a jump clone in a player owned station. If you don’t know any (in your ally?), you find every station in the solar system information showing its features. If there is an accessible one with a clone bay, create a clone there, and you can dock at the same station, leave your ship, and jump into that naked clone without any timers. Quite handy for roams and other dangerous activities, btw.

And now: Have fun!

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Why, because you died in a filament and lost your pod? You can train just fine in an empty clone, too, you know.

They reset every downtime, you have to run them again when they come up.

Not sure what the crying is about. CCP never said this event was geared towards new players.

It even said on the website:

Log in between 11:00 UTC on 28 April and 11:00 UTC on 4 May and accept increasingly deadly daily challenges where you will have to kill either Abyssal Drones, Drifters, Sleepers or Triglavians in Abyssal Deadspace for Skill Point rewards.

I dont know what the word “Deadly” means in your language, but in ours, it means what it means. Its deadly. As in, chance of death.

This isn’t a guided theme park mmo; it’s a sandbox.
A sandbox made for people who will pry apart the box and attack each other with the boards.



Great attitude to prove why EVE remained such a niche game with 17k players and 10k bots and will remain as such when the pandemic is over.

While the wimpier games fall by the wayside…

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Honestly, you’re the one with the attitude problem. As I said, this isn’t a theme park mmo. Those MMO’s try to guide you through the game’s content, and ease you into things in terms of new mechanics and difficulty. Sandbox games tend not to do that. They provide the universe and mechanics, and let you play with them however you like. Then, on top of that, Eve is a brutal and complicated game, which attracted a lot of players that liked that kind of stuff, which means the player base puts pressure on the devs to keep Eve’s depth and danger. In short, it’s the nature of the game being played.

So, now that you know what kind of game Eve is, you have some choices:

  • You can keep doing the same thing, keep complaining when things don’t go your way, and keep wondering why players give your grief
  • You can leave
  • You can take the initiative and try to figure out things on your own (and take your lumps in stride), or
  • You can take the initiative and tap into the wealth of resources that players have created (guides, tutorial videos, shared fits, wiki pages, spreadsheets, etcetera).

Personally, I recommend the latter. It does require a little upfront cost in terms of research time, but it tends to pay off in the long run through fewer losses and a better isk efficiency.

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This whole event is b.u.l.l.s.h.** anyway.

Fitted a stabber, T1 weapon, T2 rest, faction ammo.
Todays mission: 5 x trigs for 5.000 SP
5 x sleeper/… for 5.000 SP
15 x Drones for 25.000 SP

After 1.5 hours and 4 x Calm Electrical i am still missing the big chunk, only got 12 drones up to know.
still missing the 25.000 SP because of 3 drones i haven’t got yet.
So much much more of this have I go through?

Wasting 2 hours on this? 3 hours?
Two single working hours in my job pays a full month MCT (= 1.879.200 SP on optimal training)
Then why wasting away the same time for only 24k? If while doing 2 hours of overwork will get me almost 1.9 million SP …

The last SP events where good. Undock, kill a NPC / throw a snowball / kill a frig, get 10k SP, finished.
All in all done in 5 minutes.

But this is … ridicoulous.
Thanks for reading.

I am off, trying to get the last 3 drones and then never going into this nonsensical abyss again.
If at least the mission would say … kill 10, kill 15, kill 25 whatsoeverNPC inside an abyssal site … but splitting this up? NO WAY.
And yes, i am pissed of.

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