Skilling Spree - Event Feedback

I’ve gotten 1 kill for 10k skill points every day. This sure doesn’t feel very random. Also, killing a single npc a day is barely an event. Thanks for the skill points, I guess.

I have filed a support ticket on the two toons that are stuck. It has been 3 days. Am I to assume there is a large back log of other stuck players that being assisted? Is it possible that my ticket needs to be resubmitted? Will I also get the skills from the 3 days of limbo I have experienced already?

5th day with the same 10,000 skill point challenge!!!

@CCP_Falcon can you advise if when the fix is released players will get random skill point bonuses for the failed random challenges?

I’ve gotten 2x 25k sp and 3x 10k sp. Seems pretty random to me

Submit another ticket, they fixed up my one - although they only gave me the skill points that had been stuck and reset the mission, nothing about the three days in between.

He cannot answer this since the start of event.

Which means CCP dont give a :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

I have gotten 4x 10k sp and 1 x 25k sp… oh well every little bit right, its already helped finish a piece of my queue 14 days earlier, then without it, of course this is for the whole skill event, including the login rewards… :slight_smile:

Imagine being mad because you got less free stuff than other people who got free stuff.


Day 6, Unallocated Skill Points Added immediately upon log in. 2 Day old ticket still open and pending. Zero SP gained from event so far.


Exactly the same here. :psyccp:

What kind of support ticket do we need to put in because I’ve had one in for 3 days now and no reply?

I wish I knew, I just guessed mine, ended up in some gameplay > interface thing, I figured that seemed about right as the ui element “Unallocated Skill Points Added” has been frozen in its state for 6 days now but who honestly knows. No reccomended ticket type was stated when “submit a ticket” was announced as an option to get it fixed.

Overall extremely poor rating from me for whoever coded this and whoever is in charge of maintaining and overseeing it. It just seems like… “welp some ppl cant get it, oh well we got paid already, lets go home!” lol

meanwhile I get to read “Unallocated Skill Points Added” in a stupid highlighted box sitting in clear space on my screen day in and day out. I can click the down arrow but I still see “Skilling Spree” which is just as meaningless and without worth or reason. If the events going to be perma busted and im going to get nothing, I want to get rid of the ui element at least. Idealy i’d prefer it to be fixed but… 6 days in and nothing? kinda died already from holding my breath

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Agreed. This daily login crap is not fair. It’s also a piss poor way to get login padding. They should give newbros cerebral accelerators, not flat random SP amounts.
If they want activity, give us something to do that has fair in game rewards. Skins, blueprints, isk, etc.
What would really get it going is make an event mission with teeth. Invasion that persists, grows and takes over stations so no docking after some time after they “remove” the NPCs running the station.
That would be fun, fair for those who participate. Fair for those that can’t because they work, or deployment.

I have exactly the same problems, but I can’t even submit error since I need to link to email and I use steam , and not option… Very dis appointed also

The bonus is not even true RNG, most of the time we get 10k SP. Meh… :face_vomiting:

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It’s even worse.
Like those cheaty phone games, you know there’s a spinningwheel that you can turn each day. You have 1 chance in 6 to hit the “good” thing, but the code is setup so that chance needs you to spin that wheel 90 times to get it 1 time (or even not 1 time).

I bet their code, and this is really nasty stuff, is made that lower skilled pilots get higher skilling spree objectives. Everyone that payed already to skill up is basically being stolen from. But it takes what it needs I guess to make this game continue.

The difference with the ‘cheaty phone games’ is that you don’t have to pay each time you play…

Mine was fixed within a day.

Game Play Support

Other Reimbursement

Skilling spree stuck

“This toon is stuck as well. Thanks!”

Everybody seems to hate support. For what their up against, I have had great support! Most of you wont remember when it took up to 2 weeks to get a response. They have been more than fair with me. And when I accused the guy of not even playing, he said he played quite a bit which made me apologize. At which point he was kind enough to give me my ship back even though I didn’t really deserve it.

So I bow deeply to the support team and the ISD! Both have thankless jobs… :wink:

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My #s after 6 days:

  1. 0x50k 3x25k 6x10k
  2. 1x50k 0x25k 8x10k
  3. 1x50k 2x25k 6x10k
  4. 0x50k 3x25k 6x10k
  5. 0x50k 2x25k 7x10k
  6. 0x50k 2x25k 7x10k

1a. 10,10,10,10,10,10
2a. 10,10,25,10,10,10
3a. 25,10,10,10,10,10
1b. 10,10,25,10,10,10
2b. 10,10,10,25,10,25
3b. 10,50,10,25,25,10
1c. 10,10,10,10,10,10
2c. 25,10,50,25,10,25
3c. 25,10,10,10,25,10

Personal totals and %ages so far: 2x50k 12x25k 40x10k (3.7% 50k / 22.2% 25k / 74.1% 10k)

Compared to your post above… boy does my 3.7% 50k %age suck compared to that 8.7% in your figures… my 22.2% 25k %age slightly makes up the difference vs. 17.5%, I guess.

got 3x25 and 15x10. Yep, I was lucky the first days.