Skilling Spree - Event Feedback

I am genuinely following your statisticals with interest.

It just reminded me of this just a little;


I’ve seen a fair bit of Red Dwarf and haven’t seen that ep, good stuff.

We’re (me and the 2 or 3 others who’ve posted their own stats at one point or another in here) just trying to get down to the bottom of the… “are all toons gonna end up with about the same 50ks, 25ks, and 10ks if they do this grind every single day… or are various toons gonna end up with massively different luck by the end of this shebang?” question for fun. I’d be keeping track of this ■■■■ for my own edification whether there were others interested in sharing it or not. The amount of text files and spreadsheets I have about various EVE-related things… oy.

It ain’t over yet, but it would appear my numbers contradict all the early talk of “eh, there’s x amount of 50k, y amount of 25k, and z amount of 10k for every single toon, just make sure you don’t miss any days, it’ll all be fiiiiine.” upthread.

Clearly, this is truly a RNGesus-run event/SP giveaway/call it what you will and not a pre-determined, pre-destined day by day same-total-#-of-SP gift like May and July were. SO!.. consider yourself lucky if you get more than ~20% 25k/50k and less than ~80% 10k, folks, RNGesus has smiled down upon you from his perch on high where he hangs out with the Loot Fairy and Bob cackling at us capsuleers scrabbling around for their leavings.


Plus finishing a site will cause a new one to respawn sooner.

That reminds me got two epics to continue with… :wink:


I have some data for you too:
Daily total SP (in thousands) for 10 characters:
160, 210, 185, 155, 130, 170, 170, 115, 130, 155, 115, 130, 130, 160, 170, 145, 145, 210, 115, 185, 155

Lowest total for a character in 21 days: 240 thousand
Highest total for a character 21 days: 370 thousand


Well, guess what I can just get in pve ship warp to a anomaly in highsec then launch drones, kill 5 npcs and then log out on the spot. Really engaging content.

5x 25k so far rest all 10k…

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time to rage… i’ve got one at 455k …

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You’re barking up the wrong tree, FunGu

Wait… WHAT?!

Are you telling me those combat sites actually have a chance for faction spawns?!

WHAT THE F… Years of Eve, and I had no idea this was a thing… O.O

MMmmmmm… feed that info/data smack straight into my veins.

Your poor 115ers. ;_;

Just that day, you meant?

I haven’t been tracking “total SP” for any toons like some of you now are… more the day by day grind and % “chance” of each of the 3 outcomes per toon per day and all (maybe once it’s all over and I can come up with some grand totals), but… taking a quick glance at my 9 columns of data…

My least lucky toon, my main main (0 50ks so far, fewest 25ks)… has 275k so far… my luckiest toon has 425k. So pretty close to the number you’ve quoted. I wonder what the max is so far… somewhere around 500k, I’d guess. I’m kinda surprised the spread isn’t greater between my top toon and bottom toon, considering every 50k is like 4 extra free days of SP vs. joe schmoes stuck with 10k over and over… and my top toon has gotten 3 50ks + plenty of 25ks so far.

:::Philip J. Fry “can’t tell if serious…” gif insert here:::

But I’m sure there are lots of people that didn’t know it was a thing, even if you actually did. :wink: so… with that in mind: Not all do, but most of them do. Some that can spawn faction rats at the end do NOT escalate. Others can do both. I don’t know of any that can escalate but have no chance for a faction rat… except maybe some of the dens? mebbe.

You can also find random faction rats in HS asteroid belts, BTW. I’ve gotten quite a few low-grade slave implants (sorry, AMULET implants now ;D… yay for incoming SHIELD SLAVES from the rebalanced Sansha modules/implants incoming soon™) from living in Amarr space for years. in nullsec, they’d be battleships dropping high-grades instead (and ofc the occasional officer).


Also have random chance to spawn at ‘Landmark’ beacons showing in Overview.


I had no event at all for the first week, they gave me 50k SP to compensate i’ve had 2 at 25k since, the rest bottom of the barrel.

Feels kind of like a lucky door prize but some people get a toaster and others get a high paying job new house new car.

I know some lucky person will be lurking ready to start yelling “its free stuff be happy” when its obvious they are happy, they are being gifted thier progress. Handouts are only acceptable when handed to them only

nope 5x 25k SP total since the start of the event, all the rest is 10k on one character.

Only getting 10k points. no extras… not that i’m not grateful for the free points, but…

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This has been a great event and now that it is over I hope they do it again real soon.

Thank you CCP for something that was fun and enjoyable.

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very lackluster event for me. oh yay kill 1 npc again.

I’m thoroughly not encouraged or engaged. Im not even getting a toaster from my lucky door prizes, im just getting the empty bread bag. yay?

Please dont do this again. Haves v Have Nots is never compelling and engaging ESPECIALLY if the sole deciding factor is e-luck. I bet i have killed 10 times as many ships as some who will have gotten 5-6 times as much SP compared to me because… “reasons”

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The only thing I hated was feeling compelled to do it because it uses a very cynical marketting technique.

Apart from that, thats my cyno alts reskilled so thanks!

Jesus, that’s… egad.

Have you been checking every day? or just every day or two or three? Because 75%, 80%, 85% for some toons… of the time, it is indeed just 10k.

Over? I still have tasks today. But yes, I wondered if it was gonna end today as well… however, I think this next weekend is when we’re gonna have more free SP in our character select screens, like we did for a week or so in July (but just for 2 or 3 days this time, for the weekend only)… maybe it’s going until then?

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So far 2x 25k with the rest at 10k per day for my main toon. Kind of feel that I was the on the left end of the bell curve, despite killing hundreds of Triglavians weekly. As events go, CCP needs to do better…at least it was a step up compared to the Guardian’s Gala fiasco for me.


This past week, btw , I found out there are two mobs stalking my neighborhood asteroid belts in 0.6 - the miners (these are the warp scrambler-total annihilation mobs) and the starving/recon Damaviks (anti-mining gank NPCs).

The Damaviks are difficult-to-impossible for miners to fight off (they are rough on drones) but can be taken out by a well-flown cruiser. So my routine now is to log in and run a BC/BS through all the mining belts and take out as many as I can generate - they tend to congregate around the Sansha ships and de-cloak to attack you…and THEN I do some mining for about an hour.

It’s aggravating as heck. I’m not even afk while mining and now I have to contend with what is either a) anti-bot, or b) learn-a-lesson-about-danger-in-Eve mechanic. So just be aware, wherever you mine in high sec, that the game itself is now out to get you.