Skills market instead of skill injectors

Alright but why is any of that a problem that needs to be changed? I get that you don’t like skill injectors but you’re making a big problem out of what other people do with their characters, how is this a problem? I get that you think it’s a problem that people can use skill injectors but I think you’re making assumptions and not actually pointing out any real issues. It’s not as though skill injected characters have access to more than you do, they just get it faster. What’s game breaking about that?

Alright and?

@Wolfgang_Jannesen My largest problem with it is that it was a huge leap from what we had with character bazaar which was already allowing people to jump into more skilled characters. But with that came skills typically that they didn’t need or have use for. Basically you would rarely get exactly what you wanted be it skills or attached reputations.

But I gave into people’s laziness long ago and came to the realizations that once you give that mouse a cookie you aren’t ever getting it back. So I chose to turn my attention to the source, the farms. The reason why is because the system of allowing skills to be extracted then injected anywhere was simply that it makes it easier on the skill farmers themselves (those same people, in most cases, that had to train the characters before for the bazaar). Basically now instead of creating a plan and following it as well as buying skills, etc they only have to plug in 5s, remap and go to down on the same 2-3 skills repeatedly. By forcing skills to be trained within a category means that farms would have to diversify in order to fill all markets, it’s still infinitely easier than training up a full character. From the consumer’s point of view nothing really changes other than they would need to pay attention to how many of what injectors they need to buy. They still get their instant perfect pilot which has caused so much havoc to the game already.

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See that’s just it mate, I don’t see the use of skill injectors as game breaking, only accelerating. What you’re describing is honestly “I’d like this changed because I don’t like it when other people take advantage of goods and services.”

The way you want this changed still dramatically reduces the functional use of injectors and you don’t even know why you want it done. Are we trying to add more market items? Nerf SP farms? Keep people from injecting into ships? You can’t keep waffling and changing points. This doesn’t need to be changed snd you haven’t convinced me that the use of skill injectors is in any way a problem.

Really? You haven’t noticed the actual super proliferation or the massive swing to and from rorq usage after simple patches? I find that hard to believe unless you haven’t been playing the game or have been curled up in some corner cut off from the rest of the world. How about the monthly stats that come out and show the absolutely massive upswing in ratting since the changes occurred? Amazing how much money can be made when the masses can quickly inject anything from multiple VNI alts to a super pilot in a matter of minutes and rat very efficiently in them.

How can you view this as anything but unhealthy to the game itself? Sure it lets people skip months of training, but it was those months of training that allowed CCP to react to changes in game not just throw out knee jerk nerfs to prevent the economy from spiraling into the shitter.


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