Skin idea


It would be cool for the artist department to do a charity event outside of fanfest. There are many haulers that have big surfaces. I saw this tayra online and think it would be really cool for a charity event of artists within the gaming community to make grafitti style images that fit Eve. Ccp art department then works into a collab skin to sell for plex. All plex proceeds go to the disabled gamers charity as usual.

I always imagined gallente freedom loving rebels or minmatar youth on stations would Tag these modern freight “trains” with stuff like “In Rust we Trust”, “Jita life” or “QUAFE Hero”.


Bit surprised I am the only one that liked the idea. Time to let it die.

This idea is pretty great, but imagine what people will draw on their avatars…

Well with Community art can be iffy but since there is a review through a artist carrying the designs together to look like a sprayed train nowadays. So at least no penises.

I’d like too see one that says “IT’S HOT DROP O’CLOCK!”, “I Love my guns!”, “Don’t get hit by anything big!”, “I’m lighting a cyno for you now.”

Or Mike’s Magic Caravan for those helping Mike with his New Bro goals.

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