SKIN request

I’d like to humbly request more Sarum skins, primarily for the Legion, as it desperately needs some good looking skins.

During the Foundation Day event, the Sarum Prime parade fleet is decked out in the glorious gold and crimson Sarum colours, but several of the skins in that fleet aren’t available to players yet, the ones I could see were the Avatar, Archon, Apostle, Abaddon, Apocalypse and Armageddon (non-navy versions for the last two). Since these are apparently assets that have been made already, I’d like to request them being made available too.

Originally I just wanted to wishlist these, but I thought it might be better to make a thread for SKIN requests in general as I could not find something like that.

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Tash-Murkon colors as well.

I dig the Sarum skins - I call them the “Iron Man” skins, because that’s what it reminds me of on an Oracle.

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My all time favourite skins were the Rosada Dawn Pink SKINs that were sold by CCP in support of breast cancer awareness back in 2016.

I really liked these because, aside of the fact that pink is one of my favourite colours, 100% of the proceeds was converted from Aurum to real world cash which was then donated to the Icelandic cancer awareness charity, The Pink Ribbon Campaign (Bleika Slaufan)

It was an great bit of corporate social responsibility, IMHO, by CCP and on top of that it was just an awesome thing to do too. I think they should be proud of having tried to make a difference.

My only regret about it is that I wished that they’d made it an annual thing, and done skins for other ships too.

Hint, hint … @CCP_Aurora, @CCP_Falcon … please?


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