Skybox change

This is an old problem and, of course, it hasn’t been fixed. It could be useful to jump to the sun to explore the system, but if you don’t want to go blind, you don’t jump there. In the EVE Online universe, have the astronauts really not invented glasses yet so they don’t go blind when they look at the sun? So it wouldn’t be strange or look bad at all if you could at least change the background colors, for those who want to, even to completely black.

Capsuleers are in a pod and covered in goop. Drones are what enables your pilot to see around you. Filters from the drones to the capsuleer probably filter out the brightness


Then we wouldn’t be able to tell which constellation you’re in while live streaming to come shank you, and that takes all the fun out of it…


Looking into the sun will obviously blind you!

Luckily the suns in EVE aren’t nearly as bright as looking into the sun in real life. I suspect the camera drones have dimmed down the brightness a whole lot.

That said, EVE does have something like ‘eclipse glasses’ that you can wear if the sun or the nebulae are blinding you. While it doesn’t work like regular eclipse glasses in the sense that it even blocks out the majority of the light of the sun, it may be what you are looking for:

Ctrl - Shift - F9


Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I just didn’t know it existed, so thank you so much for the information.

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