Skybreakers? Who are buying them?

Looks like folks are buying skybreakers in Jita. What’s up with that? The price looks like it makes them a juicy killboard item.

I see nothing to indicate anything unusual about Skybreakers in Jita within the last three months, other than a relatively low price, since three months ago.

Nothing too special about the ship. Some corps like to use them in some of their doctrines, but it is highly niche.

I bought a bunch of Gilas when their price was nipping 300mil. Perhaps players are buying it low in hopes of selling it high, but unlike the Gila, I cannot see a reason why the price would ever go up.

What exactly did you notice, OP? Or is this a clever ad for all your juicy Skybreakers?

edit: sauce: EVE Tycoon

I’m fighting my common sense. They look like they would be good against rogue drones, which is how you fix your bad edencom or Trig standings without see-sawing the other standing. I have a -2.7 to Trig guy. I fixed some other character’s who only had .like -0.2 and that took WAY too long. I used a cheap cormorant. It worked, but Lord it took a long time. My common sense says, “Dude! Are you crazy! WAY to juicy for Pochenhell.” I was just wondering what use they have for anything else. I can get the shield resists quite high. But when you’re scrammed, it’s only a matter of time.

The price of the training books for that edencom stuff is insane.

If you are buying Edencom skill books of the market that is not the specialization you are being scammed.

Use the inject skill function directly via the skills UI.

And we bought like 50 of them. Using them to drive a fleet 300 Tristans of our structure using that Cancer Tristan setup with drones.


“Cancer Tristan setup”. It’s nice to know that there are good tech 1 ship applications, as long as you have 300 F1 monkeys to spare.

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Annnd the price is going up. So my bid for 49 Mil is going to gather cobwebs. Oh well. cormorant it is.

Holy Blues Brothers, Batman. My buy order for a Skybreaker got fulfilled. Oh crackpipe! Now I have to finish training for it.

40 Mil for a small vortron projector II. Wonderful.

Just wait till you see the total price on your lossmail. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiling_imp:


You are asking the same question in another thread…

Edencom ships are good when you use a few of them to take out groups of ships within 10km from each other.

The things that kinda stopped the use of the ship is that the weapon will arc to any valid target. So…

In NULL: Everybody is a valid target, even your fleet mates.
In HS: with green safety, War Targets, and Suspects are valid targets. Or if you have your corp safety set to friendly fire on, even your corp mates are valid targets.

For mission people stopped using them due to the fact it arcs to suspects. People, including myself, would warp into a mission suspect, use my drones to go after the same NPC he is shouting at and it arcs to the drone, get limited engagement and then kill the Mission runner.

Bjorn Bee used a fleet of them against us recently but he lacked the numbers of them to be effective.

Battle Report Tool (

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