What should i do with a Gila BPC?

Hi. I returned to the game five weeks ago and puzzled that now materials to build Gila from BPC i got from 5/10 cost more than Gila’s selling price on Jita market. I remember, before my two-years timeout, materials for Gila cost around 10kk ISK, while Gila’s price in Jita was around 200kk.

Why is this so now? And what should i do with these BPC? Thank you in advance.

You can put it on the wall. I heard gila BPC collection makes a fine tapestry.

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Do you mean it’s useless now and can’t be used for profit via production? I’m just trying to understand the logic behind this new production economy. The market price of materials needed to produce Gila from BPC simply doesn’t make sense for me.

The manufacturing cost problems are due to the new sub-components they added ingame in April this year. Standard cruisers don’t need them - but faction cruiser do. The sub-components need reaction materials (low sec), which is maybe one of the reasons why the cost was still quite high last I checked.

You could keep your BPC if you want to wait and see if costs improve, or if you can get a good source for the components. Or try to sell the BPC.

Before the changes a faction ship BPC was awesome loot. Now it is kinda meh. :confused:

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Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Probably i will save them and hope the situation will improve. Cuz you’re right, these BPC’s used to be a good loot, not the best what you can get from 5/10, but pretty good.

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It was a joke because russies say 1kk for 1M, also russies like tapestry.

And yes it’s not very useful otherwise, for the reason explained above.

I have a 100 of faction cruiser BPC, plus rattle, machariel, barghest BPCs. They are worth nothing ATM.

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On a long enough timeline, the blueprint prices must return to a positive value.

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You will literally argue with anything.

Dude, your affirmation is just plainly wrong. It’s only illogical succession of words.

There is no requirement for the BPC to return to positive value.

Once The existing supply of Gilas is exhausted, how will new Gilas be produced? Will producers build them at a net loss just to supply the market?

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ships can be purchased from LP store directly.

gilas BPC are now negative value from the LP store while gila is +1200 isk/LP.

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I stand corrected. I was ignorant.

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The important part is that it might become profitable again if the price of the gases go down. Typically if barges can move more, and/or sniff it more.

Still for the price of both offers to match, it means the price of the materials should be reduced by 40%. (Actually it’s less because the volume of the gila is also a cost)

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The cost of subcomponents might change after the update on 7 Dec, because according to CCP:

“Reduced bill of materials required for the manufacture of subcapital and capital components.”

They haven’t given any details about final figures, so will have to see what impact it has on ship construction costs.

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That has little to do with if Gila BPCs are profitable to build, unless you get them for free on the LP store. Which you don’t.

Gilas are currently not profitable to build (12 million ISK loss per unit if built at the Perimeter Sotiyo), as are the Ashimmu and Cynabal. Phantasms make a small profit, while Vigilants and Orthruses are the current moneymakers in Pirate cruisers production.

Currently manufacturing profitability heavily depends on how active the 0.0 burners are. Phantasms crashed a few weeks ago, likely because some Stain mission runners converted their LP.

That would be the case, if the BPC were actually valuable as a choice of offer to sink your LPs in.
The thing is, it’s almost always worse than other offers.

They didn’t convert into Blueprints, they converted into Phantasm hulls which brought the average day price in Jita down from 390m (Nov 14) to 360m (Dec 4). In the last three days Phantasms have fallen further to 330m. This in turn ate up most of their manufacturing profit.

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Perimeter (about 13% manufacturing index right now) is the second worst place to build ships or modules in the game (Jita is the worst with about 16%). Just move 2 jumps to Unpas (about 2.5%) or Kusomonmon (about 3%) and the lower manufacturing index should yield in a significant saving on the manufacture fee. With the Gila being estimated to about 350M isk, that means that while you need to pay 45M ISK index based manufacturing fees in Perimeter (13% of 350M), you only need to pay 8-10M ISK in Unpas or Kusomonmon (2.5~3% of 350M), so there’s a 35M saving for making two jumps.

Except that the EIV is not 350m. I unfortunately do not have a Gila BPC at hand, but I’ve got an Ashimmu BPC and the EIV of an Ashimmu is ~19m ISK. It seems like only mineral value is considered.

Probably the same issue that makes insurance for ships that require new materials worthless coming to the rescue here.

Also you underestimate my laziness.