Sleeper Data Library Transcription revealed

Dear capsuleer of New Eden, I would like it if you please could consider sharing this information with anyone that you might know…

After having mysteriously received some Sleepers Data Libraries from an unknown to me capsuleer whom preferred at all cost to maintain anonymous, whom also scientifically had proven the subject elements to had been wreck recovered by himself after a sudden and fortunate engagement with several drifters at some Matari low sec system, and of which, obviously I cannot confirm the integrity of the data by any means, although I might fully believe in it due to the simple nature of its uncovered contents, and since after having ran several decrypting methods over the 100% of the data contained in these libraries, by using latest technologies and experimental processes linked to AI decrypting techniques, I find myself in the obligation of making this public for the good future and well being of every living thing within this place we know as New Eden

Due to the complexity of the original data, that at first looks like just a stack of weird symbols that even it has been said by some Gallente experts in this matter, it could lead to capsuleer sudden mental illness, I have preferred then not to publish it plain here, also because if so, then this publication would probably take millions of unreadable lines, and although anyone may think this is just myself being paranoid, or trying to feed the latest anti-empire (or anti-creational or ) philosophical ideas of a non realistic universal existence and yet it can be supporting the latest revolutionary ideas of a “programmed by design” real quantum mechanics universe in which we live in and of which so many Matari , Gallente, Caldari and even some Amarr Scientists had confirmed over the latest years with their “proven” theories, ( let’s not forget those long discovered sub atomic particles that behave well as a single unit, or as a wave just depending on its observance.

in all cases, the discovery made after this extraordinary computational process which it has been calculated to have overpassed the 2000 trillion Billion ISK investment, apparently funded exclusively by a “unknown” charities coalition petitioning their alms all across the known and unknown space also using Artificial Intelligence to attain such a degree of solidarity had at last revealed what it seems to be, apart of controversial to the current Empire establishment, out of order, irrelevant, non-sense and tedious to deal with, due to this facts, here are for your own judgement and understanding, if is that the case, that I am delivering here the full decrypted transcription

|\ starting communications link
Capsuleer’s Log 103040 Eve Gate run 4673001 year 4
Captain Neo Sun
In the solitude of unknow space

consideration and Ideas for a lasting new eden future

AI application and uses towards capsuleer unique mission design upon pilot current skills; npc / pvp standings selected ship & safety mode

Apply AI towards consecution of automatically designing capsuleer unique mission upon consideration of current capsuleer data

1 -acquire capsuleer skills level data (current clone type /ship /modules method)
2- acquire current capsuleer universal standings (currently under development)

Offer Player choice_1_2
mission type_2_2

acquire current safety mode
1_2 green for easy : high sec
1_2 yellow for medium: low sec
1_2 red for hard : null sec / abyssal
Offer Player choice 1_2

3 acquire current ship connectivity
fitting capabilities
#result : based on 1_2
grants unique mission for each different capsuleer

data error
code X0A: Communications link lost.

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