SLOD 15M sp 2007 toon A/G Assault Frigates and Lachesis Poilt

(Blueswan) #1

Created at 2007.
15M sp

A/G Frigate V
G Cruiser V
Recon Ships IV
3 Remaps available
Nice Navigation skill
can use T2 S/M drones.

Excellent Retribution and Enyo pilot
Excellent Lachesis Pilot

Can use T2 S/M Hybrid and S Energy Turret
Positive Isk
Positive Standings
Many Core Skills trained
Can move to Jita and join NPC corp at anytime.
Starting Bid 13b, 16b BO.

(Vapulate) #2


(fate Nardieu) #3

why did he go unskilled for so long?

(Tota Lazhole) #4

this toon plus xfer cost is only worth 8.6 bill. I will give you 9 bill

(Blueswan) #5

He is waiting for his Mr right for more than 10 years.

(Blueswan) #6

Not rush to sell . Waiting for higher price o7

(Tota Lazhole) #7

good luck… hit me up if you cant find a buyer, odds are my offer will slowly get smaller… I would already be spending a fair amount extracting and moving skills… you should hit that guy up who offered 11 bill… he might still be high

(Tota Lazhole) #8

ok… I guess Im high too… 10 bill

(Struggle Cuddle) #9

Ok… 11b

(Tota Lazhole) #10

11.5 B

(Tota Lazhole) #11

is there like a time limit here? kinda feels like there might not be…

(Blueswan) #12

emmm,there is no limited time, but have limited price started at 13b, hahahahahaahahahaha

(Struggle Cuddle) #14

12b …

(Blueswan) #15

Don’t do that bro, we are so friendly, why should we play against each other , hahahahahahaha

(Blueswan) #16


(Gary Bell) #17

13 Bil as a buyout because I am going to turn this into a prot tackle and extract the rest of the uselessness…

(Blueswan) #18

If there is no higher price here in 24h, Blueswam will be yours.

(Blueswan) #19

There remains 14h, is there any higher prise? I’m always waiting for you.

(Struggle Cuddle) #20

13.5 - thank you

(Gary Bell) #21

13.6 :slight_smile: