SLOD 15M sp 2007 toon A/G Assault Frigates and Lachesis Poilt

Created at 2007.
15M sp

A/G Frigate V
G Cruiser V
Recon Ships IV
3 Remaps available
Nice Navigation skill
can use T2 S/M drones.

Excellent Retribution and Enyo pilot
Excellent Lachesis Pilot

Can use T2 S/M Hybrid and S Energy Turret
Positive Isk
Positive Standings
Many Core Skills trained
Can move to Jita and join NPC corp at anytime.
Starting Bid 13b, 16b BO.


why did he go unskilled for so long?

this toon plus xfer cost is only worth 8.6 bill. I will give you 9 bill

He is waiting for his Mr right for more than 10 years.

Not rush to sell . Waiting for higher price o7

good luck… hit me up if you cant find a buyer, odds are my offer will slowly get smaller… I would already be spending a fair amount extracting and moving skills… you should hit that guy up who offered 11 bill… he might still be high

ok… I guess Im high too… 10 bill

Ok… 11b

11.5 B

is there like a time limit here? kinda feels like there might not be…

emmm,there is no limited time, but have limited price started at 13b, hahahahahaahahahaha

12b …

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Don’t do that bro, we are so friendly, why should we play against each other , hahahahahahaha


13 Bil as a buyout because I am going to turn this into a prot tackle and extract the rest of the uselessness…

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If there is no higher price here in 24h, Blueswam will be yours.

There remains 14h, is there any higher prise? I’m always waiting for you.

13.5 - thank you

13.6 :slight_smile: