Slowest frigate in the game, now even slower

Is everyone aware that the enyo is the slowest frigate in the game? It’s even more odd considering it’s primary weapon systems don’t work past the end of it’s nose. It was already too slow to rail kite effectively. Add to this the recent nerf to all assault frigate speed, and now we have a hull that struggles to do its job.

This deserves it’s own thread because regardless of what happens with combat ceptors (still useless btw) the enyo definitely did not need a speed nerf. The only one that did was the jag, and even that is arguable.

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Pyfa sez its not.

Are you sure it’s the slowest Frigate in the game? I mean it is an Armor Tank boat but there’s a lot of other Frigates in-game. The Merlin is Shield Tank and it’s sub-warp speed is only a little bit faster but has slower warp speed.

Retribution is slower. So is the Vengance. So is the Harpy. So is the Hawk. So is the Nergal.


Wrong is wrong, guess I was misinformed. It’s still slow as ■■■■ though. o/

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Comet is a good scram kiter, so is the atron. Check my losses for fits

No, it doesn’t.

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Simply EVERY nerf in the history in this game was unessesary because every single one of it was just meant to support the laziness of a minority of whiny people that were unable or not willing to adapt to the fact that some ships can do something better than the ones they flew at that specific moment.

The sad part here is the sole one that CCP even listened to this kids and actually nerfed something…

Not a single nerf in this game was really ‘needed’


What is your definition of ‘needed’ in this context?

Would the game break if those nerfs weren’t applied? Probably not. Would the amount of viable ships be high without any nerfs? Probably not.

Never start something unessesary…you will face an endless stream of demands for more…

This is exactly what happend…

So just because CCP should be afraid of endless demands for more, they shouldn’t make any nerfs? I may be wrong, but I think CCP is already facing endless demands from the players. Nothing new there. CCP should be able to add or change anything they deem necessary without fearing customer demands.

(Yea, I notice that you specifically mentioned ‘unnecessary’ nerfs. But I’m not going to debate how necessary the past balancing buffs and nerfs were on a scale of 1-10 nor at which point of the scale changes are sufficiently necessary to be added to the game. So I’ll just ignore that specification.)

Some ship has to be slowest, having slowest be a reason for update is the start of an endless logic loop.

Use a different ship.

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