The game is NOW SO SLOW

I used to be able to play 3 and sometimes 4 Omegas at a time on my PC, NOW I can only play 1 maybe 2 (2 is painful) I have reduced from 5 Omegas to 3 and soon 2 as it is just to slow to play.
Am I the only one it is not worth multi boxing for any more? I like mining but it is boring with only 1 ship.
I have turned off/down as many graphic updates as I can.
What can I remove to make it faster, I love the game but I now spend so much time waiting for the game to load/update and have way to many white screens while I wait. Also I have way to many mouse clicks missed making it difficult to fight as you keep engaging the wrong target.
Or should I just delete all my other accounts now??
Really hoping CCP can sort this sluggishness it really spoils the game


Have you tried the “Optimized for Performance” graphical settings?

Have you tried upgrading your PC?


Can I have your stuff?


embrace the



I am looking at that but need to spend 2000-3500 GBP/USD to get much of an improvement on this one.

good try

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Gotta give it a try :wink:

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come on dude
i play on a 2014 imac that is slower than a Cassio calculator
game runs fine
graphics are for kids

So it is not my machine then, If you guys can run multi omegas on old machines it must be my setting then.

Have you tried pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F9 on your clients?

Should reduce the graphical load significantly.

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I have no trouble with a single account

I will give that a try , thank you

people play with more than one account?
thats crazy !!! :astonished:

They have been OK for the last 2.5 years but maybe something changed

Something I have found helps enormously in other MMOs with multiple logins…

Minimize the windows not currently being used. Keeping all windows maximised uses more resources.

I’ll try that to. The GPU is running at nearly 100% now after the updates

Instructions unclear, bought 25 Dominixes


Disable DirectX 12 in the launcher settings

DX12 killed my framerate too. I went back to DX11 immediately.

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Slow for you, choppy and sluggish for me. It skips and jumps like a drunkard at 3am.

Yes. Sometimes it’s so bad that 2 out 3 mouseclicks do not register :confused:
Sometimes I click 5 to 6 times to jump system, the game sits there like a dumb f…