Small Farms and Large Farms


The Abyss is good add to PVE as said several times.
So What is about a site that permanently has to escalate 30 NPC frigs
after every clear that been done and each frig has bounty like 100K

The rule is only frigs get in that sites and in high sec only.

For Supers Maybe to block it from normal cosmic but create
a similar farm tactic that spawn carriers like 10-15 and each one
has 10M bounty or even 50.

Do you guys think it is healthy for the players XD

No. Isk faucets already exist that produce more income than is needed.

so the game need more destruction ??

The problem is not if the game needs more destruction or less. The problem is purely that this is an isk faucet. It will produce not only the isk in question but salvage, standings, loot dropped from the rats, and can easily be botted by someone with an assault frigate which can sustain damage vs 30 ships of that reward value.

This would basically become the same for cruiser, battlecruiser, and battleship level with the isk faucet merely getting bigger and bigger for each variation. This is not additional content. It’s merely farm. Farm already exists in the game which takes minimal effort and can be done with alpha accounts that require minimal to zero input.

This is no different than asking for a permanently open level 1 combat mission because you are looking for it.

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