Small, peaceful mining/industrial corp seeks alliance

Fractal Holdings Ltd. is a 2 person hi-sec mining and shipbuilding company consisting of this alpha character and a 1.5 mil SP alt on my paid account. My main character, who is also on my paid account, has joined a nice corp, but I would prefer not to disband Fractal Holdings Ltd. for sentimental reasons–I formed it in 2007. Because corp chat is empty, we would like to join an alliance of like-minded corporations.

Are your alliance members peaceful industrialists who hate the derisive term “carebear”?

Are some of your members fans of:

  • The first 3 books of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series?
  • Poul Anderson’s classic character Nicholas van Rijn?
  • Samuel R. Delaney’s great novel “Nova”?

Is your alliance friendly to minorities and women (no racist or sexist “humor” in alliance chat)?

I love the sandbox nature of Eve. I love to immerse myself in this wonderful pretend universe, as a way to get away from the pressures of real life for a little while. I name all my ships, even the shuttles. I hate goofy and/or borderline obscene character or corp names–and there are plenty of those in Eve. I hate swearing in game chat (what’s the point?). RL comes first. I don’t play every day, but when I do it would be nice to have mature adults to chat with about the game, even if that chat only consists of “Hi! I hope you’re doing ok today.” My playing time, when I play, is afternoons and evenings, US EST.

If some of what I have written here resonates with you, please send an Eve mail to Chimu Quien, CEO of Fractal Holdings Ltd.


Shoot Chimu Quien an evemail.

which faction are you in?

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Chimu Quien is Caldari. He has 1 corp member, and that one is Minmatar.

Fractal Holdings Ltd is still looking for an alliance. There have to be some mature adults out there…

8 ppl mining Corp dedicated. Fleet mining with a porpoise so far. For more Mail me in game.

Sorry, Fractal Holding Ltd is looking for an alliance, not a corp.

It’s unlikely an alliance is going to recruit a two man alt corp dude I’m afraid. mail me ingame pls

Duh…that is why I am posting here.

And why not? Are you familiar with every alliance in New Eden, “dude”? Why do you even bother to post in this thread?

When I search in-game I see many alliances that include 1- and 2-person corps. I have even seen an “alliance” consisting of one single 1-person corp!

Just trying to be helpful dude, no worries if you don’t want to listen to it, I’ve only been playing since release so what do I know? lol

Wow! You’ve been “playing since release”. Wow!! I’m just so incredibly impressed. I’m sure everybody in your school is, too. Maybe I should just cancel my subscription if you don’t think I’m playing the right way. I’m just…wow!

No no you carry on in your two man alt corp, you’re doing just fine so many alliances must be desperate to have you :joy:

Well, I have had 2 invitations, “dude.” Obviously you don’t know as much about this game as you think you do. Why you keep returning to a thread that I created, I don’t know.