Small update which i hope would attract more people and change battle mechanics

Some time ago I remembered about EVE. After years of updates and changes, you created a wonderful huge world with many mechanics and systems, but I noticed one discrepancy. Space is dead. Yes, there are npc, planets, stations, ships, asteroid belts. But! Everything seemed to freeze in an astrophysical sense. Planets do not have a gravitational field and do not “attract” stations and ships. They do not change their location. And I decided to come up with a small update for you that would revive the space. But this turned out to be difficult, because simply updating to launch the planets and incorporate astrophysics into the matter would be a simple visual update, without content. I could not figure out what content could be added to this update. Therefore, I decided that at least part of the update should be created. Namely, the introduction of two new types of systems. A system with a black hole and a nebula with the beginnings of stars.

I did a little research on the game. And I found out that the “best seller” in the game is experience. After all, it takes decades to learn all the skills. After that, I began to find out how to quickly learn all the skills, how much money will be spent on learning them and how much money a person will spend on average per day.

Top-3 types of learning:

  1. Daily injector
  2. All together (implants, daily injector, boost)
  3. Together without injector

From this, I concluded that you need to focus on getting a fixed amount of experience daily. But you can’t just give experience every day. Therefore, I decided that I need to add some place where people will have to get a certain amount of something in order to gain experience. To this end, “nebulae with the beginnings of stars” were added. Also, the prey should not be tiring or very boring, which can negatively affect the desire to play further. Therefore, it was decided to make the mining time about 50 minutes. But there must be excitement in the mining of this energy. Therefore, an average of 10 people have 1 star.

Since people will gain experience freely at the expense of the farm. It was necessary to think about how not to reduce, but rather increase the number of daily injectors purchased. After reading a little bit about psychology, I found that most people have tested a small piece / demo of the product and knowing that the product itself is not so expensive they will be interested in buying it. For this reason, the daily free experience will be 30,000 units. It can be exchanged at the NPC for 1000 stellar energy extracted from nascent stars.

Also, stellar energy will be needed to create experience boosters.

+10 to all attributes

24 hours duration

Recipe mined on level 6-8 expeditions.

1500 star energy for one booster

1500 dark energy for one booster

Two types of torpedoes / bombs will also be added.

  1. Anti-black hole bombs - allow Hawking radiation to increase by several thousand times (the theory that black holes are mortal and radiate a part every second)
  2. Bombs black holes - allow you to create a black hole at a point. Which attracts all nearby ships. Does not affect objects like a stargate. May affect asteroid belts.

Information about bombs.

Anti black hole bomb:

Recipe mined on level 1-5 expeditions.

a black hole emits 1% of its mass every second. The percentage is calculated at the time of the collision. Affects only black holes created by players.

Bomb black hole:

Recipe mined on level 9-10 expeditions.

flight time - 16 seconds

flight speed - 3000 meters per second

maximum range - 48,000 meters

creates a black hole weighing 6.73 * 10 ^ 28 and a diameter of 200 meters (Schwarzschild radius)

Black hole:

the force of gravity is reduced due to the “progress” of mankind and the ability to resist it - F * 10 ^ (- 9)

damage - for every 6.37 * 10 ^ 28 in the weight of 1080 damage. Damage is divided between shield and armor (50% / 50%)

damage type - kinetic

black hole absorbs holes with less weight

life time - 1 hour

You will find more information in my calculations in the excel document EXCEL. This concludes my description of this small update. I hope you enjoy the black hole generator bombs which could make changes to the current mechanics of the battles.

Would you mind sharing your research on this?

Why would anyone do this? This is not some WoW clone, max skills is not the same as max level.

Maxing all the skills on one char would be really dumb.

I’m not saying that you need learn all skills. But learning skills you need sometimes could take a months. I meant that skills take really long time to learning.

Scoots Choco
Would you mind sharing your research on this?

Sorry. I can’t, it was just in my head. Before i started collect information.

Salt Foambreaker can you say something about “black-hole” bombs. Is it useful? Maybee to low damage? Or too long range?


  • He wants to mine upto 30k sp per day by sitting in nebulas for an hour. And make attribute boosters with surplus materials. And this is because training takes too long.

  • Bomb that sucks everyone in and deals damage to both armour and shields (but not structure?) and the amount of damage dealt is proportional to it’s mass.

  • 2nd bomb that switches off the first.

Have i read that right?

  1. Long training is scaring new players. And 30k per day. It just for a fixed time like a 2 months. Event, not for all time. It could be added permanently but amount of SP should be reduced to… idk, 10-15k.
  2. I meant that, for first, damage is splitted between shield and armor then structure. Sorry if you wrong understand from my text.
  3. Yeap. Second bombs should remove first one. But not immediately, they just increasing speed of ‘black hole’ dissapearing. If you throw another ‘black hole’ bomb in you could slow it’s dissapearing.

Right…and if we are mining it, who can mine faster? A noob that barely knows how to fly his ship let alone afford the best mining equipment and ships or a veteren with more sp, better knowledge and better equipment?

It’s just like the dailies we had a couple years ago. Vet’s were training faster than noobs because they could fly the fastest and most powerful ships and knew where to look for rats better than any noob.

If you really want training to be faster for noobs than vets, you make something like injectors or you simply have what we used to where noobs trained at double speed for the first couple mil sp.

What you have is subject to what we call Malcanis Law.

Whenever a mechanics change is proposed on behalf of ‘new players’, that change is always to the overwhelming advantage of richer, older players.

So given how most people tank their ships, either shield or armour, what happens when my drake runs out of armour long before it runs out of shield?

Well. Ok. Vets mining faster but they can’t get more than 30k per day as a newbie players. It’s more like daily mission, i saw the same archetype recently “kill 3 enemies and get 10k free SP”. But i’ll think about what you say, that 30k per day not enough boost for newbie players.

When of top type of defence is empty you will get structure damage. I expected that ‘black holes’ will be used mostly for ‘crowd control’ and the following damage concentration on ships which couldn’t escape from black hole gravity radius.

Thanks for reply)

That’s the whole point. The cooler the ship the longer the training.

Patience PadiWan

Then can you provide what information you collected to support your claims?

I can’t show you information about “top seller”. Coz i saw that SP items sellings is ok. Other informations you can check in EXCEL file.

1830k (2 months 30k perday) of SP isn’t so big boost for players. Maybe for vets which could just use all it SP on one skill, it looks much, but i think newbie players will split this SP between 5-10 skills.

So you can’t provide any information or any of your research other than just the SP numbers that are already accessible in the game?

Seems like nothing here is worth discussing since you can just hide your research. Any challenge will just be met by you saying you did research but can’t show or prove any of it.

-1 bad idea, due to refusal to provide any supporting evidence

Allow me to put it another way.

A skilled venture pilot (not a noob) mines 8m3/s without drones.

A skilled hulk pilot mines 31m3/s without drones.

That’s 4x as fast. So if you want it to take 50 minutes to mine this stuff, is that for the vet or the noob? Because if the noob takes 50 minutes, the vet takes 12m 30s (probably quicker). If the vet takes 50 minutes, the poor noob will be mining for over 3 hours (maybe 4 or more). And last i checked, the average play time for the eve player is two hours…

Either way, the vet mines his amount fairly quickly and has more time to do the fun stuff, he can probably do it whilst washing the dishes or watching youtube as well because of his better tank. The noob on the other hand has to spend far longer grinding, and likely has to pay much more attention and suffer burn out too. And if a vet comes onto his patch of nebula, he’s got no way to compete. The vet could mine out the site before he has a chance to get his daily amount.

And this is before we get into rorquals, bots and multi-boxing…

I not trying to hide something. How i said i just saw that SP injectors sales was good. This morning i collected some info about market. You can check it there (small piece of market data). How i saw before and still “Large SP injector” have good sales. I can see the same info on “eve-marketdata” site.

Now i see what are you talking about. I need some time for rethink concept of receiving fixed SP.

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