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(Usheni) #127

Hey Slaz o/ Not sure what you’re asking as far as the Zkill feed but if you’re wondering how to display the killmails it could look like this?

Or a fixed/floating window that would pop up when you click on “ship kills last hour” on the toolbar, and when you right click on a killmail you can choose “view all kills involving this ship/player/corp/alliance” --> “in this system”/“everywhere”. I don’t use that much zkill intel, sorry if those suggestions are completely out of the loop x)

(Usheni) #128

On a side note I’m a bit confused about the security color for certain 0.5 systems. Some are yellow (highsec ingame) and others are light orange (lowsec ingame?). For example in The Forge:

Wirashoda, Uchoshi, Mastakomon, Vouskiaho and Vasala are all 0.5 systems but have different colors.

(Scipio Artelius) #129

Yeah, looks like the wrong value (<0.5) is being set to color the systems.

The true sec status of each of those systems is:

“name”: “Wirashoda”, “security”: 0.4936357904460346
"name": “Uchoshi”, “security”: 0.4741790497704052
"name": “Mastakomon”, “security”: 0.456966103874352
"name": “Vasala”, “security”: 0.4937122828667515

In game, they are rounded to 1 decimal, and anything >= 0.5 is highsec, even though their true sec is less than 0.5 (in reality, anything >=0.45 is highsec).

(Usheni) #130

That makes sense! So all the systems may have this problem then, not just the 0.5? For example:

Leurtmar and Embod have 1.0 security (like Ryddinjorn) but have 0.9 color (like Illuin).

(Scipio Artelius) #131

Would seem so. The program is probably out by 0.05 on it’s values.

name": “Leurtmar”, “security”: 0.9578976431696301
"name": “Embod”, “security”: 0.9607494002658415

Both are 1.0 in game, but in reality, 1.0 is anything >=0.95

(Rtg Quack) #132

Hey @Slazanger,
gratz! SMT works like a charm, even INTEL scan works as expected.

(as expected, now comes the payload :slight_smile: )
We use in various Intel messages like “Jita clr” or "“Jita clear” to indicate all neuts have left a system.

In intel it’s a system all-clear but appear as a “neut warning” in SMT.

May I suggest to add some strings as “system clear” identifiers, e.g. to a IntelClear.txt file? If such string appear together with a system name in a intel SMT will consider this as a system clear identifier.

And yes, this will allow some chars like “clr” and “clear” to fly below the radar, a risk we should keep in mind.

Thanks in advance

(Slazanger) #133

I’ll take a look at the security status rounding, looks like it may be rounding to the nearest 0.1…

For clearing systems out of the list its been on the todo list for a while; i’ll take a look when i can

(Slazanger) #134

Hey all…

Just an FYI I’ve just noticed the new chat system has broken the non-esi based tracking as the formatting has changed slightly… I’ll try and get a fix out for this tomorrow when im fully back online (been AFK all week).

(Slazanger) #135

Another new version : 0.41 Zkill + Fixes

  • Fix for non-esi characters not tracking due to the new chat system
  • Fixed the rounding for displaying the system security colours
  • Added ZKill Feed

The ZKill feed can be seen both on the map, and in the new ZKB Feed tab. In the tab you can see the kills from the last 10 minutes as they happen, if you double click on them it will open the zkillboard link, if you right click you can also go to the system on the map.

In addition the Map will show purple circles with the kills on them (growing/shrinking as with intel).

Source and binaries are available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback / ideas :slight_smile:


(Slazanger) #136

Another Minor Release : 0.42

  • Jump bridges which cross regions should now properly render (some wouldnt previously)
  • Tweaked the ZKillBoard Feed

The main change is the ZKB feed now is a little more useful :

It now displays the system, Victim’s alliance and the type of ship killed

Additionally you can enable/disable the “Current Region only” toggle which will filter the list view to contain only kills from the selected region


And finally… if you have an ESI linked character selected it will colour the kill based off your standings :smile:

Source and binaries available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


(Slazanger) #137

Another Small Release : 0.43

  • Added the option to display 0.0 system security colours by TrueSec status
  • Adjusted the intel parsing so it should work a little better, particularly for non-english loc
  • Adjusted the colours in the Intel feed

When the show system security is enabled it now alters the red such that it gets darker with the -1.0 truesec systems being nearly black. This can be disabled if needed in the map config.

Source and binaries available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


(Titus Cole Dooley) #138

Keep up the good work!

(Benh) #139

You make a biggerst work with this tool, but dont offer possibilty to choice system range for intel alarm is real problem.

(Slazanger) #140

Another small release : 0.44

  • Active Incursions now shown on map
  • bug fixes surrounding follow
  • double click on zkb feed to open kill in browser

Updates to Jump Navigation mode :

  • change to display of “in range” options for either flood fill or highlight
  • lock for bridging system to aid in cross region hunting

When you enable the jump range display by default it will now outline the systems like this…

however if you toggle off the outline in the map config

it will colour the systems that are in range like this…

I’ve also added a lock which is useful if your navigating cross region as its easy to misclick and reset your bridging start point :


if you tick this; you wont reset your bridging/jump start point when you click on a system… it will also display above the toolbar where its displaying the range from :


Source and binaries available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


(Slazanger) #141

I forgot to add…

The incursions by default are displayed as a brown stain… this can be disabled/colours updated in the map config. Currently it doesnt display anything other than its active; however if you have any ideas for how you’d want this displayed drop a comment as I have the info from ESI about them already…

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #142

new ideas:

  • track my fleetmates on the map with the fleet url given ingame
  • remember last map view options (as in if i ticked the “show npc kills” i dont want the app to always open on the “show jump bridges” option ticked
  • add some visual queue for systems with an icebelt (like dotlan shows them with a blue circle arround em)
  • have it to automaticaly refresh esi data every x minutes

much love mate

(elektro drell) #143

Can you add orientation to wormholes?

(Slazanger) #144

@Ezio_Dicostanzo thanks for the ideas i’ll add them to the list;

incidentally if you look at the source code the fleet stuff already exists :wink: its just requires full fleet boss to work; it can be enabled if you’re building from source

@elektro_drell what do you mean by orientation ?

Been busy with RL the last couple of weeks but will push out a new version which has a fix for crashing when you enter a wormhole.


(Ikki Phoenix) #145

Just launched it and lost my character and cant add a character

(Slazanger) #146


What happens when you try to add a new character ?