SMT : Eve Map Tool


(Slazanger) #141

I forgot to add…

The incursions by default are displayed as a brown stain… this can be disabled/colours updated in the map config. Currently it doesnt display anything other than its active; however if you have any ideas for how you’d want this displayed drop a comment as I have the info from ESI about them already…

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #142

new ideas:

  • track my fleetmates on the map with the fleet url given ingame
  • remember last map view options (as in if i ticked the “show npc kills” i dont want the app to always open on the “show jump bridges” option ticked
  • add some visual queue for systems with an icebelt (like dotlan shows them with a blue circle arround em)
  • have it to automaticaly refresh esi data every x minutes

much love mate

(elektro drell) #143

Can you add orientation to wormholes?

(Slazanger) #144

@Ezio_Dicostanzo thanks for the ideas i’ll add them to the list;

incidentally if you look at the source code the fleet stuff already exists :wink: its just requires full fleet boss to work; it can be enabled if you’re building from source

@elektro_drell what do you mean by orientation ?

Been busy with RL the last couple of weeks but will push out a new version which has a fix for crashing when you enter a wormhole.


(Ikki Phoenix) #145

Just launched it and lost my character and cant add a character

(Slazanger) #146


What happens when you try to add a new character ?

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #147

I also get a 404 internet explorer error when trying to add a character, even after running the .reg file :frowning:

(Slazanger) #148

hmm i’ll look at this tonight and see what’s changed

(Slazanger) #149

Another small ish release :

  • Removed old Stations
  • Removed Sorting on ZKB Feed
  • Display of Largest Structure in the system (taken from the structure hunter api)
  • Updated ESI URL

This should fix the log in issue above when adding a character…

The systems will now display an icon for the “Largest” structure in game…

It will display the structures in the following priority…

  1. Keepstars
    using the kepstar icon : image

  2. Fortizars/FactionForts, Sotiyo
    using the fort icon : image

  3. Npc stations
    using the previous squares : image

  4. Astra, Raitaru, athanor, tatara, azbel
    using the astra icon : image

I did pull this info from structures you had access to; but had to change this in-light of the search restriction now inplace. This info is pulled from structure hunters at :

Source and Binaries are available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


(Rtg Quack) #150

Hey Sla, great job again!

Any advice which files to be kept if updating an existing installation?
At the momen I resist to update/overwrite:

  • AllianceNames.dat
  • AllianceTickers.dat
  • Anoms.dat
  • IntelChannels.txt

(Slazanger) #151

I generally only keep IntelChannels.txt and JumpBridges.txt, the rest get updated automatically anyway.

Another useful one to keep is Characters.dat if you have a lot of auth’d characters… although this comes with a warning… while i haven’t changed much of the format; i have changed it (43->44 it changed).

(Slazanger) #152

A new release : 0.46

  • Blue Donut View in universe
  • Characters shown on universe map
  • Basic “Character” follow mode for showing jump ranges
  • Fix layout crash with double clicking on the universe map combined with re-docking the universe view
  • Fix for removal of Bulk Alliance ID resolve end point, moved to new api

Blue Donut View
If you have an auth’d character selected the universe view tint the map based on the average standings in the universe :

Characters Shown on Universe Map

The universe view will show a dot in the regions for which you have characters in :


If you hover over them it will show you some more info:


Range Follow Mode

In the Map config section you can now select a character to show ranges from :


The map will auto update as the character moves about; great for keeping your range map up-to date as you move your bridger around :slight_smile:

Source and binaries available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


(Slazanger) #153

A slightly later than expected new release : 0.47

  • Added Global Search
  • Extended Character info
  • Added Rorq to jump Range
  • Auto update ESI Data

System Search :

I’ve added an additional search that allows you to search all systems (not just those in the current region)


The character info screen will now display some additional info, and you can double click on them to go to that system :


Source and binaries available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


(Ezio Dicostanzo) #154

Amazing as always :slightly_smiling_face:

Plz add fleet tracking that would be amazing :slight_smile:

(Slazanger) #155

Another small release : 0.48

  • Display of Sov Structure Vulnerability
  • Added Toggle for Universe view standings
  • Updated .net framework to 4.7
  • Some drawing optimisations

I’ve added a first version of the SOV structure vulnerability (lots more tweaks of this to come)

In the map config you can enable either the IHUB or TCU timers :


This will highlight all systems which are currently vulnerable or that will become vulnerable with the time specified (defaults to 30 mins). It will colour them based on the map colors (default is red vulnerable, yellow vulnerable soon but these can be changed)

Source and binaries available here :

As always let me know if you have any issues / feedback


Is it all about pvp?
(Slazanger) #156

Another small release : 0.49

  • Added extra hover over info for the universe
  • Added ADM View
  • Tweaked Sov structure layout
  • Tidy up of hover over on region map

Hover over on universe
The extra blobs on the universe view now show you the thera info :


ADM View

I’ve added an additional SOV View; which shows the TCU adm levels, you currently enable it in the map config (i’ll add it to the quick toolbar once im a bit further along with it)


Note : i’ve also adjusted the default colours for vulnerable now (now dark grey) and vulnerable within the specified period (defaults to 30 mins, light grey)

Hover Over
And lastly ive been updating the hover over; so it should scale a little better; and hide info when its empty :slight_smile:


Source and binaries available here :

I’m working on tidying up the usability as its starting to get a little overwhelming; so if you have any suggestions let me know.


(Hesruk) #157

Awesome tool. Just started using it today. Just wanted to see if it would be possible to make a quality of life adjustment to how intel sounds work.

Range <= 2 jumps from: Current characters system (play sound A)
Range = 0 jumps from: Current characters system (play sound B)
Range = 1 jumps from: Current character systems (play sound C)
Range <= 3 jumps and >= 2 jumps from: Current character systems (play sound D)
Range <= 5 jumps and >= 4 jumps from: Current character systems (play sound E)

*side note. Yes I pulled this example from another intel app. But i thought this would be helpful here as well

Haven’t really dug around yet to see if this is an option. If so, please ignore and just remember that this is an awesome tool!

(Slazanger) #158

Something Its already on the list… scream like a banshee when something happens within X of one of your characters

(Ikki Phoenix) #159

Couple of other suggestions:

-for the map to continue follow character when changing regions
-add a “clear” option for systems. Basically when someone says a system is clear, a green circle would show up around that system.

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #160

hey mate
couple of issues with SMT:

on the tooltip, ihub & tcu timers still show up even if the boxes are not checked in the map config “sov” section:

also, on the map, sometimes boxes appear instead of cercles, and that box has a color that has not been setup in the map color section of the tool, and i dont know what information it is supposed to display :

also, there is no option to configure the color of thera exits (they are displayed as green on my map) and i cant configure the color of the text for the “show sov owner” on its own

also for some reason, i get random app closure with “program has stopped working” even when not touching it and just roaming in eve.

systems that have an icebelt are also missing from the map (in dotlan, they are displayed with a blue circle)

thanks a lot for your support, amazing tool as always