Smuggler/Concord data sites

with all the events we have had why is this one so pitiful with payouts? low sec and Null the most your getting per site is 12mil. its hardly worth our time doing it.

why is the loot so crap for this when its the biggest event of the year?

best sites are in low sec only but even then, its not very rewarding, from my experience, boosters III are ultra rare and i dont even know if booster IV even exists

loot table is full of boosters I and you can see that on the market, its worthless

I’ve noticed a few clues for the lore:

(1) The SARO sites have Gallente, Amarr, and EDENCOM ships.
(2) The Pirate sites have Caldari, Minmitar, and Trig ships.
(3) The sites drop the navy skins, which implies that there is official state involvement.

I expect that CCP is hinting at an alignment flip flop.

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