*sneaks in a classic* - the rebirth


(Conrin) #1

It dawned on me that there are vast numbers of pilots who have never read The original thread so without further adieu, I present the new and reborn Sneaks in a classic with apologies to Sheriff Jones, Monty Python, The BOFH and many other for what will follow:

edit: added the requisite number of ding’s

Scene: CCP Falcon sitting behind the counter polishing what looks suspiciously like an electric pink thorax model

** ding ding **
Falcon: Hello and welcome to the CCP Store How can I help you today
Customer: I’d like to complain about the price of Plex, It’s so high that I’m unsubscribing.
Falcon: Oh dear, it would be a shame to lose you.
Customer: Dont patronize me. I’m a paying customer
Falcon: That was never my intention, I would never want to offend a ‘paying’ customer like yourself. Tell you what how about we fill in this feedback form so I can escalate this upwards - First question what is the main reason that you are unsubscribing
Customer: I can’t play completely free anymore
Falcon: Such a shame. Surely you can just mine or rat a bit more and…
Customer: No that’s not fair, I want things back the way they were.
Falcon: Oh, I see… how about this then… I shouldn’t do it, but I have some old plex here that I can sell you cheap. Would that ease the pain?
Customer: Well… its a start
Falcon: Well if you just put your thumb here to transfer the Kredits and here hands customer a plastic wrap named Plex … and done. Pleasure doing business with you.
Customer: So how do I use these then?
Falcon: Use what?
Customer: The plex you just sold me.
Falcon: No idea what you’re talking about and that’s not plex it’s a plastic wrap.
Customer: You just sold me this…
Falcon: Not a clue what you’re talking about mate.
Customer: I…
Falcon: Was leaving? Was unsubscribing?
Customer: Well I Never…
Falcon: …Paid cash for a day’s game time ever? How ever will we survive without you?
Customer slams the door ** ding ding ** and the pink thorax model wobbles slightly
Falcon: You forgot to finish your survey… Oh well.

(yellow parasol) #2

LOL! BUT you. forgot. the. dingding. :imp:

(loving it, but it’s incomplete!!!)

post dingding edit: thank you! it just didnt feel right without the door dingdinging! :smiley:

(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #3

Needs more ding ding.

(Commander Spurty) #4

chuckle [insert wry smile here]