[SNOE] Sons of Enlil looking for pilots for wormhole shenanigans

Are you new to the game or new to wormholes and looking for a no-local adventure? Are you a seasoned vet looking for a less demanding corporation to fly under? Are you wandering listlessly in the vast expanse of solo playstyles and would like some cool people to fly with occasionally? Are you wondering yet just how many rhetorical questions one post can contain before stacking penalties apply? If so, you’ve come to the right place…(?)

We are a new corporation formed by returning players with a C2 wormhole as our home. There’s “practically perfect” PI available and a citadel already up and running with the potential for adding services and stations to meet our needs as growth demands. Wormhole life presents us with plenty of decent ISK making opportunities, but is ultimately a PVP environment, so whatever your experience level, be ready to get your hands dirty. Doctrine ships will be provided for certain operations and training for those interested. Or bring us your knowledge and teach us something. We’re all about learning and having fun as we explore new horizons. Also, despite being US based, work schedules being what they are results in some overlap with Asian and Australian peak times and we’re open to all time zones, language allowing.

It’s a work in progress, but it’s got great bones and that’s part of the charm. Get in on the ground floor and help us build a corporation we can all be proud of!

If you’re interested, contact Skooma Casades or Chapea Singfre in game.

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