So I did this thing just now

So I just went threw virtually the entire war list and offered my assistance to every defender for free. I don’t know what I expect but there it is.

Seeing as how I barely understand war mechanics to begin with and have only limited experience ganking mining barges any tips would be appreciated.

I’ll be in a catalyst.


You’re going to die.


There are better ways to learn pvp.


Go get 'em tiger!


Update: it’s been rather unproductive so far, I’ve ran across a few frigs and such that just ran away and when the “bulk” is loomin I just run. I need tips on like how to catch peeps alone or something not sure, just figuring it out as I go.

Go big or go home. Well done on jumping face first into the deep end.

High-sec wardecs? Wecome to disappointment. Population: you.

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Offering free help? People will usually assume you’re an awoxer

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In the current Highsec War Meta you probably won’t find many pilots flying alone, except maybe next to a station ready to deagress and dock once a proper threat emerges. I suppose you’ll have to figure out how you can kill a whole camp.

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aww come on, one month later …

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