So, this is where our extra money goes... CCP's failed attempt to hire influencers

They control it, it’s a permissive pull based payment systems. They (the custodian of your money, the bank and payment platforms in between) can refuse to complete the transaction if they wish. You have to get their approval and not just on level of funds on account. If you read terms of many companies that hold accounts and wallets and payment platforms, they can deny transactions even to companies they disagree with on moral grounds or even political grounds.

They control it partially unless there’s a bank holiday or financial breakdown. The bank does not choose whether I buy or not and doesn’t chose what I buy.

They could but they do not control what, where and when I buy.

Depends on the volume of units. I never had to obtain approval from a bank for anything unless it was a loan or cash over a certain amount.

Yes they have voluminous tomes of regulations, laws and policies that govern financial transactions and I don’t doubt they have mechanisms and loopholes to put anyone in the poor house if they wanted to.
Fact remains, once my account is deducted for something I bought, the deducted units are no longer mine to control. Can’t tell CCP what to do with money that is no longer yours.

Re-read the terms again, I have read terms where financial companies including banks WILL reserve the right to block any transaction they deem they disagree with. Also, Visa blocked payments to Wikileaks if I do recall. Banks have blocked transactions and to and from legal crypto companies and even some legal drug companies, to and from legal gambling companies and more. Just because they disagree with them and it is in their terms. They can also pull money back out of your account at the request of another party if they wish. They have quite a LOT of control over it, not just partially tiny.

I agree, they do… almost unlimited control. But all that kind of strays from the thread topic, not that financial shenanigans don’t interest me, they’re eye-opening.
Simply looking at the title though, it isn’t “our” money that CCP used, although the point of the O.P could be seen as legitimate viewed in another angle.

Well, CCP is probably trying to break the dependency on boomers for Eve revenue as a way to prolone the decline of Eve. Peak Eve is long over, it’s unlikely to re-peak.

Wtf can he buy for 100mill?? Give him a bill and let the kid have some fun.

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Yet, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. CCP is actively working to revamp the game, they say they know where they’re going with it. We can take them at their word, wait and see or taking futile actions like complain on the forum or unsub in protest.
If they’re aiming at a younger generation it’s going to take a lot of time and efforts and I wish them well. Those who truly like the game will stick around or come back to it through the changes.

Lots of PLEX.

Hiring a stream is not as expensive as you crybabies pretend.


No amount of NPE remakes is going to make Eve attractive to new players.
The biggest issue with the NPE is that it ends by dumping you into EVE.

They would need to redesign the entire game, and they are not doing any of that. Nothing CCP has done for the last years has done anything to address this. In fact they have steadily made the game worse and worse instead.


Tribalism is the best way to describe the social structure here, and yes there are alot of positive vibes in this game even despite the fact that EVE does not generally discriminate anti-social behavior. But the truth is most human beings are very basic: You can be social and even have fun in a Nazi-Drug-Cartel Biker Gang. :smiley:

I don’t think there is any issue with the NPE, to the contrary I think it holds hands too much. Depends what kind of new player you’re referring to.

That’s still open for debate. EVE isn’t dead. I’m curious to see how it goes.

Happy to chime in on this as this is something I’m heavily involved in.

Influencer campaigns come in many different forms, and it’s something we’ve been actively engaging in for well over a year.

Selection is something that we are very cautious of; a random run-of-the-mill variety streamer probably won’t have a great time going into EVE blind for a short time. As one of EVE’s first streamers, I’m acutely aware of the challenges the game offers. To that end, we have a very robust selection process for candidates using a variety of metrics and intangible qualities. We harden this process after every cycle to ensure we’re on the right path with our selection, and occasionally we experiment with ‘riskier’ talent just to make sure we’re not leaving anything on the table.

The notion that the potential streamers are thrown into the deep end, blind, with no assets is not the case at all.

I personally prepare information for streamers for each campaign, point them to community resources as well as our own, give them some SP in the form of training boost bundles, and in some cases give them bespoke training plans and ship fits such that they can jump straight into an activity with their limited time.

Sometimes we pair them with our amazing EVE Partners, with other influencers on the campaign, and even with actual CCP developers.

In the cases where these talents are going solo, it’s because they know their audience and they actively decide to. EVE is an old game, and former EVE players are spread far and wide through gaming communities. And if there’s one thing about EVE players - past and present - is they’re eager to help other people try EVE.


There was a paper written about Eve here Title: Feudal Alliances in a Hyper-Capitalist World: Power and Organization in EVE Online that may be of interest to you.

Unfortunately it was written in Microsoft Word.

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CCP is out of touch as usual. Hiring some random Koreans to slog through the NPE for an hour is going to do absolutely nothing for the game. It’s just a background commercial for their audiences that they sit and make small talk in stream chat through before getting back to their regularly-scheduled MOBA programming.

What they should’ve done is throw like fifty grand at an experienced Western MMO streamer who doesn’t need their hands held and has already heard of EVE, like Asmongold for example, along with carte blanche to act as psycho as they want on stream. Maybe throw in a per-kill bonus for any kills made by their corporation/alliance, or on their behalf. Would probably see the PCU get bumped up by like 3,000-4,000 and get a whole bunch of people heavily invested in the game as the drama unfolds.

The “feel-good” newbie pew-pew angle just isn’t going to work unless CCP literally only hires hot girls and stipulates that they need to directly order their fans to play the game.


Here you go and Show them how its done.

No thanks. There isn’t a single job on that list that’s located in the US and beats my current salary, and I have a feeling that they’re not going to c-suite some random kid who’s been griefing players out of their game since middle school.

Also, lots of talk online that working for CCP is actually nightmare material.

If one is gona work for an {bleeeep} it might as well be themselves.

Contract out your services :smirk:

I’m already providing them these services for free, but they’re not listening because they want to get their money’s worth from the millions they’re already giving to their marketing people who likely haven’t touched video games in decades.

Let me put it this way: I’ve been here longer than most of them, and know considerably more about the game than they do, but it’s not knowledge that they would appreciate, or need, because they’re no longer developing EVE as a game, but as a service.

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Peak Eve is over, no new awards or accolades since 2013 (on their own website) and player count chart topped in 2013. Two sources of proof that it’s over. Three sources of proof if you consider an increase in average multi-accounting factor from 2 to 3.